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50 Shades trailer

ZOMG, you guys, this is the best fake 50 Shades of Grey trailer I've seen, and I've seen all of two,  {both with Matt Bomer as Christian and Alexis Bledel as Ana}, so I'm obviously a credible judge. 

I haven't been following the crazy speculations over who to cast for the roles, but frankly, this pairing is pretty epic. I love Matt Bomer in White Collar {and in Magic Mike, HOTT}, and Alexis Bledel is a fantastic meek little sexiness of an actress, so why not? Sure, I had originally been swayed that Ian Somerholder would make an excellent Christian, but Matt can hold his own too. 

What do you guys think? Do you have a dream cast in mind? Let me know who you would pick!


  1. omgosh! i just finished reading the first book and i cant wait to start the next. it will be hard to see alexis bledel playing ana, its definately a long way from little innocent rory in gilmore girls!

  2. I like who the chose dir Ana but I think it should have been Alex Scarsgard for grey.

  3. I hated the book, but I would totally see the movie if they cast James Deen!


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