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Almaden treasures

I live in a very beautiful area. For such a large, developed city, San Jose has a ton of beautiful little gems tucked all around it. I've shared with you my love of the parks and trails before, but thought I would let you know what I have been seeing on my outings lately. 
Not to be confused with Almaden Lake, which I also absolutely love. I've ventured out in a new direction recently on my bike rides, and found a route that takes me by another of the many reservoirs in the south San Jose area. Almaden reservoir is tucked back in the foothills near Quicksilver park, where one of the largest Mercury mining operations was centered in the 1800's.  The California golden hills cradle the little man made lake, making for some idealic vistas when I rest at my turn around spot on my 20+ mile rides. It's a bit of a climb for me to get to the reservoir, so I really enjoy having something pretty to look at while I get my heart rate under control and have some water before starting my trek home. 

Growing up, the Almaden Valley section of San Jose was where some of my affluent friends lived, and the zip code I most admired. I now live on the border of this lovely area, and many of my friends live around here too. Last week I joined one of my besties, Sarah, and her family for dinner at her grandfather's home in the Almaden hills. Grandpa's house has a sweeping vista of the southern part of San Jose, and we just happened to catch a glorious golden sunset while having dinner. The photograph shows you the hills I like to hike and bike through, where Quicksilver park is situated.
This is a recently renovated miners' boarding house that now serves as the Quicksilver mining museum.  A friend of mine recently got married at Casa Grande, and I definitely approved! She got married facing the back of the building, which is the first photo below. I snapped these on my ride home from Almaden Reservoir on Sunday's 22 mile bike ride. Exploring the grounds gave me a good excuse to take another break!

I hope to see and share more of these lovely areas while I am out getting some miles in during training! For now, enjoy my Almaden adventures :)

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  1. Looks like a beatiful place to be especially watching the sun set over those mountains :)


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