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dysfunctional and Pulse

Oh dolls, have I gotten myself into something wonderful! 

My sweet friend Anne is a personal trainer with a fabulous new business called Pulse Kettlebells and Yoga, and she is changing my life. I started training with her once a week a few weeks back, and I cannot believe the changes I am seeing. No, nothing so drastic as a whole new body, a ton of lost weight, or anything like that {yet!}, but I have seen amazing changes in how I use my body to perform exercises. 

Anne is a Vinyasa yoga instructor, RKC certified Kettlebell instructor, and teaches boot camps, body sculpt, and spin classes. She's pretty kick ass, and she has kicked mine every. single. session.
You see, Anne uses functional training to help discover body imbalances and correct them. In true overachiever fashion, I happen to be very dysfunctional. Having all of my Thoracic spine fused means I have no bend in my middle back, and have pretty much stopped using my lats and core to lift and stabilize, and instead use my back muscles and traps. From running, I have developed a problem where I don't use my glutes and hamstrings pretty much at all, and instead solely use my quads and hip flexors to move my body and get depth in stretches. 

I used to think I was really good at holding planks, that is, until Anne corrected my form and showed me what muscles I should be using. Now I am a vibrating mess that can barely maintain a 30 second plank. Lunges and squats never really targeted my booty or the backs of my legs like they are supposed to, so I thought they were just bogus exercises. Apparently I am the bogus one, because changing how I squat and lunge has my backside screaming in agony for days after a session with Anne. Dear God, sitting down, climbing stairs, any movement really, simply hurts. 

And I love it. 

I thank Anne for my soreness multiple times throughout our sessions and in e-mails later when I can barely sit down without wincing. I want to change my body, and I can't do that without a lot of restructuring how I move. Which hurts so good. Soreness means I am using my muscles properly, and they are getting a good workout.

Whenever I think of areas I would like to target, inner thighs, belly, and upper arms are the first things to come to mind. Well, after getting those areas and more hit every session, I am realizing it hurts a lot to fix them, but I'll take it. Oh, and kettlebell swings are crazy powerful for the inner thighs and butt. I'll be buying my own bell soon, and I can't wait to learn snatches and practice my swings and Turkish get ups at home. I am looking forward to having square crotch and a bubble butt someday!

What are you doing to move your body this week? Have you picked up a new hobby, or started a new fitness routine? Anything is good, just stick with it and with consistency you will see changes!


  1. This place looks and sounds so fun!!

  2. You're the best!!! :) Kicking perky ass and taking names, Miss Adrian!

    1. Anne, you are the best! Thanks for correcting my form and kicking my butt!

    2. Anne, you are the best! Thanks for correcting my form and kicking my butt!


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