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If you really knew me

I've seen this on countless blogs recently, so I'm taking a cue from the lovely Ashley and playing this fun game of "If you really knew me" today, because sometimes stealing other people's ideas is just too easy. 

If you really knew me,

You would know I am terrified of monkeys. Like even the cute, nice looking ones. Those dang primates are too smart for their own good, they throw poop, and they chew peoples faces off. Also I may have read a series of Dean Koontz books that contained extremely smart and violent monkeys that had had their DNA messed with. Oh, Chris Snow series, you scared me.
You would know I have selective ADD. I will set out on one chore or task, and within minutes find myself inexplicably deciding to move to another without finishing the first. This happens repeatedly, and all the time. I eventually finish everything, but I can't see one task through to the end in one go.  I also usually can't sit still and do just one thing. I typically will watch a movie or TV show, while surfing the Internet or something on my laptop.
If you really knew me,

You'd know I am fiercely loyal and supportive of my small  group of very close friends. I can seem quite guarded and reserved at first because I love to listen and take things in, but once you are in my heart, there is very little that can change my mind about our friendship, and I can't shut up. Here are a few of my absolute besties!
You'd know I love me some comfort food, but only in the last year or so really started eating hamburgers. I didn't eat red meat at all before that, and pretty much just stick to burgers now. I can thank Billy for converting me to be a burger lover. 
 You'd know that even though I prefer to post pictures of myself looking completely fabulous, that's hardly how I look on a regular basis. The one on the right is more like it. 
 You'd know that Billy is the love of my life, my soul mate, and my best friend. But we don't take each other or ourselves too seriously. I adore spending time with him, for real. I enjoy our time together so much, and get a kick out of everything he says. He truly makes me laugh out loud daily.
If you have done this post already, or if you end up doing it, can you leave me a comment letting me know? I would love to get to know you better too! Oh, and can you pretty please with sugar on top make sure your email address isn't blocked so I can reply to your comments via email? I hate not being able to say hello back!


  1. I have not done this, yet, but I will eventually! I love your fear of monkeys, because frankly, I don't think they are so cute and charming like other people think, either.

  2. Cute :) I can understand your fear of monkeys, and now I really want to eat the burger and fries in your picture!

  3. Monkeys are a bit creepy arent they!
    Good to know a bit more about you and seeing you fresh faced and make up free .. you are a natural beauty :)

  4. What a great post. Love the part about you having a small group of friends but you're very loyal. I plan on doing this post

  5. I love this post and I love reading about you and billy! also-that picture of you "looking fabulous" is SO fabulous and hotttt!!!

  6. I told you I'd do it!



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