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These are my Confessions {v2}

Linking up with my wonderful friend Leigh for a series she created in which she confesses something new. 
Hey Leigh, I made you a little graphic for your series if you feel like using it, I linked it to your blog :)

I confess:
I have a major texture issue. 

Be it my food, my skin, clothing, or otherwise, texture is HUGE for me. 

I can't eat most seafood because of the texture. Shell fish? Heck no! That rubbery squish between my teeth is so unpleasant and makes me gag. I like do salmon, tilapia, and tuna from the can, but haven't found much else that doesn't set off my texture aversion.

Red meat also has an unappealing texture for me. Hamburger I can deal with, filet mignon? Oh, please, the consistency is like chewing on the heel of my own hand. 

When it comes to textures on my skin, smooth is the way to go. I confess I am a chronic picker. If I get a blemish, you better believe I am going to worry at it, my fingers finding it unconsciously. Dry skin, and scabs are right there too. Sorry, I know that's gross, and I have tried to leave stuff alone, but I get desperate to make it smooth again and will scratch at and get rid of any texture I find. 

Certain fabrics and yarns really bug me. I don't like scratchy or very thick materials. I don't think I own a single chunky knit sweater because the yarn will be too much for me. Angora? No. way. I have enough trouble keeping the cat and dog hair out of my clothes, why would I buy something that is made with it? 

The biggest annoyances for me are meat and textures on my skin, for sure. 

What are you confessing this week? 


  1. Look at your making a button! So cute. Loved reading this!! I am the same with textures - I can't eat Mango but love it dried or in smoooties!

  2. YOU ARE AMAZING DEAR FRIEND! I've been meaning to make one for a long time, but just haven't gotten around to it. Thank you again!

    I am also the same way. I can't eat oatmeal for that reason. And can't wear wool or anything with wool in it...just drives my skin nuts!


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