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Vegas, Baby! Day 2

I left off my Las Vegas recap with day 1, so go there to see what you may have missed {here's a clue, there was a lot!}

Day 2 started early with us rustling out of bed and welcoming our friend Kim, who had driven in from Orange County to spend the rest of the weekend with us. Since I was working for my weekend in Vegas, I got Tiffany, Kim and myself all dolled up, and we headed to Mimi's cafe in Paradise for some lunch time grub {or brunch for the rest of the group}! From there we headed to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets, which let me tell you is no joke. These outlets are freestanding rows of stores, so you have to leave the luxurious air conditioning and walk through the 100+ degree weather to the next shop. Thankfully there were mister fans all over the place, which helped if you stood directly under them. I found a little wristlet at Guess for $15, which served me so well the rest of the weekend. I definitely recommend having a tiny purse that fits your phone, lipstick, and any cash or cards you want to carry. Lugging your big purse out at night is such a bummer, a little wristlet or clutch is so much easier to handle. The wristlet works for me because it's attached to me all the time so I don't lose it :)

Once we were sufficiently shopped out, hot, and tired, we headed back to the hotel to cool down get ready for our evening. I super loved my turquoise dress I wore that evening. It was a Forever 21 find, and was awesome! I met Vegas halfway with this dress, as it was tight in the skirt, but modest on top, perfect for being out without your husband present. My Sparkly wedges were a DSW find, and OMG did I love rocking those things all weekend. The wedges and the dress made me love my legs, which is a nice feeling!
A lot of this went on before we left too, because we're classy broads who pre-game with fancy flavored vodka and diet 7up! Also, self portraits in the hotel lobby are a must when you match the lighting, and you have to get good bling shots too! I wore the spikey bracelets :)
I made dinner reservations at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie at Paris because they have great food and are "always open". We asked our server, Shane, what his recommendation for a goblet drink was, and he immediately suggested the white gummi, which didn't disappoint! It had gummi worms, was berry flavored and vodka based, and even had smoke coming out of it! Wow was it delicious! All four of us finished the drink, and it was potent enough to have us all a little giggly. We ordered two pizzas, the BBQ chicken and the white, and both were really good. Tiffany's friend Lamar joined us while we were eating so our group became 5. For dessert, we again turned to Shane to suggest a good sundae, and he said the cookie monster was great. Um, totally right again, Shane, way to go! We got a PB&J dessert pizza, and totally wrecked both desserts, because were sugar addicts like that. Two words describe us after dinner: sugar wasted! 
What transpired next was a lot of deliberating what nightclub to go to {so hard with 5 people}, drinking copious amounts of Patron Silver {my drink of choice}, standing in line only to be told our free entrance passes to Chateau were no good because Soljaboy was performing, and leaving to try our luck at Planet Hollywood. Outside PH I happened to do the MOST EPIC photobomb of my life when I totally jumped into some dude's photo in front of the hotel sign, arms outstretched, biggest freaking grin on my face, directly behind him. His buddies were positively dying of laughter at my perfect timing and then how I immediately ran away. I thought I was so clever. We got wristbands to Koi, then to Gallery nightclub only to stand in line again and then be turned down at the front because one person in our group wasn't wearing a collared shirt *cough, Lamar, cough*. At this point, I just wanted to dance, and had been drinking enough to make this usually awkward thing fun for me. A lot of Patron shots wer taken, as were sips of Tiffany's and Kim's drinks, so I was very smiley, fuzzy headed, and ready for whatever happened next. I think we gave up on going to a club {wah, all that drinking to make dancing easier was for nothing- but my own enjoyment!} and somehow made it across the street to the Bellagio in hopes of finding something to do there. Lamar quickly left our group when sitting at a casino bar with very old people was suggested, so we decided to call it a night and head back to our own hotel. On the way out I realized the view from Bellagio can't be beat, even from the taxi stand. One remarkable thing I saw while waiting there was a girl just lay down on the ground, too drunk to function. Her poor friends pleaded and finally pulled her up, but it served as a sobering warning to me that I was not about to embarrass myself or my friends that way. 
Instead of going straight back to the hotel, we stopped at the Hard Rock Hotel and wandered through the casino. I have no recollection of what we did there, or why we stopped and for how long. I did however snap photos of the go-go dancers climbing stripper poles because that ish is cray and I can't believe they make something so athletic and difficult look so easy.

 Back at the hotel, it was proposed we do a photoshoot down by the pool in the cabanas, because we were obviously pretty full of ourselves at that point, and thought it was a great idea. I had a serious case of the giggles, and ended up laughing so hard at Tiffany posing by a light column that I had to put my hands on my knees, which toppled me right over into the grass, much like that poor girl at the Bellagio. Thankfully I wasn't in a very public place and managed to get myself up after some more laughing. There will be no photos of that late night photoshoot because once we reviewed the photos while sober, we begged Tom not to post any, they were just too awful! You can imagine how 3 inebriated ladies, trying to be models at 2am, would turn out disastrous. A good laugh was had for sure though. I did snap a self portrait back in the hotel room, and managed to post it to Instagram or somewhere, which was a surprise to me the next morning! Can you see how ready for bed I was?!
I was quite proud of myself for washing my face and brushing my teeth before collapsing into bed around 3am, concluding day 2 of our Vegas adventure!


  1. soo cute.. i love your dress!

  2. Looking amazing in Vegas. Your hair and dress are absolutely gorgeous! Have fun :)

  3. You are beautiful!! Looks like fun!


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