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Vegas, baby! Day 3

I hope you are not getting too tired of my Vegas posts, because this is the last one, I swear!
You can ready my day 1 and day 2 recaps also.

Day 3 was not the most exciting or fun day. I was quite unhappy and had the worst headache ever. I even had waves of nausea that would drain the color from my face and have me closing my eyes until they passed. To say I was hungover is an understatement. It was quite fitting of the night before, that is for sure. Rolling out of bed was difficult, but we made it happen to go in search of food. Nice, greasy, breakfast food to help sop up the remaining alcohol in our systems and fix the discomfort. I can't speak for the rest of my group, but that is what I was looking for. 

We ended up at the Egg and I, a Vegas breakfast institution that is well deserving of the many years running best of awards. I ordered the original breakfast burrito, modified to include scrambled eggs, ranch potatoes, sausage and cheese, that came with a healthy side of seasoned potatoes. I really wish my stomach wasn't so off so I could have thoroughly enjoyed my meal, but as it stands I couldn't finish it and though it was awesomely tasty, it was pretty wasted on me.
Upon returning from breakfast I crawled back in bed, and that nap along with a hearty breakfast and lots of Tylenol had me feeling close to human again when I woke up several hours later.

Our plans were pretty light for Saturday night because Tom and I had to catch a 7:35am plane back to San Jose. We planned on dinner and hanging out on the strip before retiring early. We headed to Cabo Wabo at Planet Hollywood for some yummy Mexican grub. We ordered a sampler platter of quesadillas, taquitos, nachos, wings, and guac with chips and salsa. Man do I love some yummy Mexican food! I ordered chicken tacos for my main course, and paired it all with a Seagrams sweet tea vodka and lemonade cocktail. 

We stayed at PH and walked around the Miracle Mile shops, playing at Sephora, grabbing froyo from Red Mango and having fun looking through all of the stores. Around 11 we headed back to the hotel hoping to clean up the room and head to bed for our 5am wake up call. 

At the hotel we ran into something unexpected- a tech industry computer party in the outdoor courtyard by the pool. Lots of nerds, normal people, punks, and more were gathered in force, listening to a band cover 90's video game and TV show theme songs, then a full DJ set until 2am. Yes, a full on rave happened right outside our window until 2am. So much for getting any sleep! There were even Furries, a cat and a fox, hula hooping with glowing neon hoops. 
Tom took that picture and made it glow like daylight! My own pictures are dark and blurry haha

I finally settled into bed, put my sleep mask on and tried to get some rest around 1:45am. 5am came ridiculous early. Only notable thing about Sunday morning was I almost missed my flight thanks to Jamba Juice. Word of advice, if there is a long line, don't even bother ordering an orange juice and steel cut oatmeal. Even if it doesn't go in a blender, they won't give it to you out of number order so it will sit within eyesight for 15 minutes while your plane is boarding. I asked to have just my oatmeal and then ran to my flight, 1 minute from having my seat given away! 

And that concludes my trip to Las Vegas! No more updates, I promise!

Oh, and I've already got another trip in the works for September, because Billy needs to go this year also. It wouldn't be fair to be the only one who gets to play!

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  1. awesome i sure i will be hung over this weekend too :)


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