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What I'm loving

Oh, heeeeey there blog peeps! 

It's been a little quiet over here around the Happy Girl blog, and I have no good reason for my absence. 

So let's get to something fun, shall we? How about a volume of What I'm loving Wednesday! I'm not sure where it originated, but Allison participates regularly, and I will link up with her :)
The Expendables 2! Billy and I caught a matinee on Monday and loved it! Oh, don't mistake, it was so cheesy, had a ton of silly one liners and had awesome cameo appearances. I love when movies embrace the cheese factor and fun. Oh and lots of explosions! So fun! Um, and you can NEVER go wrong when my boyfriend, Jason Statham, is in a movie.
Dark chocolate dreams peanut butter from Peanut Butter and Co. Oh, so yummy! I've been coring strawberries and filling them up with this stuff. I even crushed up some graham crackers and sprinkled that on the peanut butter, totally decadent without being too bad for me. 
I'm loving Gossip Girl on Netflix instaqueue. Well, pretty much anything on instaqueue, because I don't have cable and still want to be entertained. GG is just so full of teenage angst and drama, beautiful hair and makeup, and exquisite wardrobe for everyone! 
What I'm not loving....

I took out my beautiful long Rapunzel extensions today {they were slipping out after too much conditioner and a long 4 weeks on my head}, and I miss them so much! My hair feels so thin and short now :(
Waiting on my next Vegas trip. Oh, yes, I do have it all booked and I can't wait to go back! Billy and I will be staying at the Monte Carlo for a few nights the second week of September. I want to enjoy the lady river and wave pool at the hotel, eat at all sorts of wonderful places, and just enjoy time with my man. Why does it have to be 3 weeks away?!
My lack of desire to run lately. I've been devoting time to my bike, but it's been really hard to get out the door for a run. Um, not good when my next half marathon is 8 weeks away! I will have to put in more than one or two 3 mile runs a week if I plan on getting through those San Francisco hills on October 14!

What are you loving today?


  1. Yay for vaca!! Let the countdown begin!

  2. It originated from Jamie and her blog is at the bottom of the "what I'm loving" picture :)

    Fun that you are going back to Vegas! I haven't had much of a desire to run much either lately and I'm running a 10k on the weekend....ahh!

  3. Aww man... We will just miss each other in Vegas! I'll be going in October and staying at the Monte Carlo too! How fun! Oh and I seriously love me some GG!

  4. those strawberries look amazing!

  5. Like Leigh said, link is on photo!! But thanks girl!! Those strawberries look so good. I'm gonna try. Yay for Vegas!! Love it there. We are going in dec again!!

  6. Those strawberries look so good!
    I am going to Vegas in September and can hardly wait.
    I have been totally watching the Gossip Girl seasons - I am trying to catch up. So addicting


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