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What I'm loving Wednesday {perfect boots}

Hey ladies! What are you loving today? I have been on the hunt for the perfect boots for what seems like forever. Last year I found a pair of super cute light brown boots from Cathy Jean that served me well, but I want a darker boot, in a different silhouette. Also factor in comfort, a low heel, and cuteness. You know how hard that is?! 

Ugh, I want cute boots!
SM Lukas boots

Or these Ecco Rise GTX 
Now if only these would be super inexpensive and look amazing on my feet, which isn't always the case :(



Hello dolls! I am in a much better frame of mind this week, and I think I may be able to bust out a few posts to get you all back in the loop with my crazy busy life as of late. 
Wedding season is still going strong, with my 31st and 32nd wedding of the season taking place. I have 7 more confirmed weddings taking me through November, then I should be able to breathe without a wedding for about two months. The 2013 wedding season starts early, with at least 1 confirmed and up to 3 weddings in January! 
So, I don't broadcast it much, but I have to say one of my guilty pleasures is Ke$ha. I hate to love her, but I do. Her songs make great workout music, and she's catchy as all get out. So love her or hate her, her music gets stuck in your head and makes it bob in time. Well, her newest single dropped today, and I'm digging it so far. Maybe it's not as good as Blow, or We R who we R, or even Tick Tock, but whatevs, Die Young is here. What do you think?


Truth of the matter

Ready for some stream of consciousness blogging? I decided to write like I think and speak, so you are getting a totally random, sometimes disjointed, conversation that's run through my head recently. 
Sorry if it doesn't make sense.

I don't know why it's been so hard for me to keep up with my blog lately. It's not like I have a limited supply of things to talk about, or interesting occurrences taking place in my life. I go on anti-social media kicks occasionally, and this time around it includes blogging too. I don't remember the last time I was actually up to date on my Google reader, my Twitter account, or even knowing what the latest pictures are on Instagram. It's pretty sad. I think the one thing I actually semi keep up with is Facebook. Even then, I hardly qualify scrolling through my news feed and clicking like here and there "keeping up".

I've even thought about taking a break from blogging all together. The pros and cons of that discussion {within my own head, mind you} are that I wouldn't feel guilty about not blogging for extended periods of time, and conversely, losing out on keeping up with the friendships I have built through this blog.  The latter is what keeps me coming back for more, even when I am not feeling any inkling of inspiration to blog. The fact of the matter is: You are all real people to me. Each of you who happened to choose to follow my blog, and my journey through life, is a real person who has taken an interest in me, and that is amazing. Um, come on, I have never had much thought provoking material to share, I'm not an avid picture taker, so there aren't pretty new pictures on here all the time, and I rarely post daily to keep you interested. I just don't see the appeal when I put it like that. But somehow, you have, and that's pretty cool. You make me feel kinda special, and I appreciate that, so thank YOU!

I LOVE getting comments from you guys on my posts. I swear the little girl in me does a happy dance each time I get an email letting me know I've received a new comment on whatever drivel I forced out of my head and onto the page. I wish I was better about replying to everyone, which is only made more difficult when there is a "no-reply" email address for the commenter ;) 

A lot of you I consider true friends, and awesome women whom I have truly connected with through blogging. I don't want to miss out on feeding those relationships by taking a break from the blogging world. 

I think to keep myself interested and wanting to blog, I have to create "assignments" to blog about. I don't know, how would you stay focused and interested? Do you have moments of being overwhelmed by the amount of social media in your life? Do you ever miss the simpler times before you had Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, multiple e-mail accounts, Gchat, Skype, and on, and on...? Don't get me wrong, my affinity for sharing all the personal details of my life with the Internets  has it's happy periods where all is good and I can't wait to show you what I had for dinner, tell you about my latest story, or use 160 characters to share my most profound {or silly} thought. 

Um, this isn't a very Happy Girl type of post, but it's cathartic in helping me figure out why blogging hasn't been something I want to do lately. Maybe by talking about my aversion to writing, will in fact, help me write! One can hope. 

Peace out girl scouts, crossing my fingers the next post I write is back to the Happy Girl you know and {hopefully} love. 


Here we go!

It's here, it's finally arrived...Viva Las Vegas!!!
As you read this I am jetting off to Las Vegas for a few days of fun with my favorite man. 
We are staying at the Monte Carlo, have plans to eat at Burger Bar, the Wicked Spoon, Sugar Factory, and a new to us burger place called BLT Burger at the Mirage, and will take in all of the sights on the Strip. There will be tons of relaxing, walking the Strip, visiting fun hotels, and shopping! I may very well have convinced Billy to take me on a gondola ride at the Venetian, we shall see how that goes :)

Have fun while I'm away!



Whattup lovelies?! I totally spaced and enjoyed my own little vacay this week instead of blogging, whoops! My non traditional weekends are usually Tuesday-Thursday, so I  guess I just extended my normal "don't blog on the weekend" status till, um, Wednesday evening. Yeah, sorry!

On to what I'm loving! Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for her weekly love fest. 

I'm loving spending time with my man the last 3 days in a row! We were total hermits on Tuesday, sleeping in very late, then lounging around in our PJs on the couch watching movies together. 

I'm loving the new movie Hit and Run, with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. B and I saw it today and I was quite impressed! I hadn't heard of it {mainly because I don't have cable so no commercials} and had no expectations. I thought it was really well done, had a great story line, tons of cool car stunts and chases, and the characters were deep and likable. I was entertained!

I'm loving Pinkberry frozen yogurt. My goodness is it tasty- and so tempting being right across the street from my house! One of their seasonal flavors right now is chocolate hazelnut, and wow it's fabulous! I've had it twice this week already. My only saving grace is that Pinkberry is all natural with no artificial flavors or ingredients. Not much to get excited about, but it helps when I'm feeling particularly guilty. 
I'm loving books on my Kindle fire. I am such a reluctant technology upgrader and really resisted Ereaders for the longest time. Billy has a Nook and an HP tablet, so his Kindle fire was rarely being used. That is until I decided it would be a good thing to travel with back in June, and I never gave it back! Having the Internet on an easily portable device, along with a library of book without taking up a lot of space is so convenient and I love it! I won't say I am a complete convert to electronic books at this point, as I still love physical books, but I have switched to reading the majority of my books on the Kindle. My latest read? Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn. Oh ladies, is this romance worth a read! Stacie suggested it awhile back and wow was it fun! I read it all in one day, so it was easy, but I definitely enjoyed it. It's the second book by Cherrie Lynn I've read, the first being Unleashed which predates this book. I agree with Stacie that Rock Me is better.

What are you loving this week?

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