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Hello dolls! I am in a much better frame of mind this week, and I think I may be able to bust out a few posts to get you all back in the loop with my crazy busy life as of late. 
Wedding season is still going strong, with my 31st and 32nd wedding of the season taking place. I have 7 more confirmed weddings taking me through November, then I should be able to breathe without a wedding for about two months. The 2013 wedding season starts early, with at least 1 confirmed and up to 3 weddings in January! 
So, I don't broadcast it much, but I have to say one of my guilty pleasures is Ke$ha. I hate to love her, but I do. Her songs make great workout music, and she's catchy as all get out. So love her or hate her, her music gets stuck in your head and makes it bob in time. Well, her newest single dropped today, and I'm digging it so far. Maybe it's not as good as Blow, or We R who we R, or even Tick Tock, but whatevs, Die Young is here. What do you think?


  1. thats awesome you have so much booked! maybe one day when i get married i can book you :) hehehe

  2. Holy weddings batman!! So happy to hear that you are staying busy though :)

  3. I am the same about Kesha haha..I don't want to like her, but her songs are stupid and catchy.

  4. This is why we are secretly the same person. If we lived closer we would totally have a ke$ha jam session! I can't believe you've done so many weddings! I feel tired FOR you. Miss you love!


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