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Whattup lovelies?! I totally spaced and enjoyed my own little vacay this week instead of blogging, whoops! My non traditional weekends are usually Tuesday-Thursday, so I  guess I just extended my normal "don't blog on the weekend" status till, um, Wednesday evening. Yeah, sorry!

On to what I'm loving! Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for her weekly love fest. 

I'm loving spending time with my man the last 3 days in a row! We were total hermits on Tuesday, sleeping in very late, then lounging around in our PJs on the couch watching movies together. 

I'm loving the new movie Hit and Run, with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. B and I saw it today and I was quite impressed! I hadn't heard of it {mainly because I don't have cable so no commercials} and had no expectations. I thought it was really well done, had a great story line, tons of cool car stunts and chases, and the characters were deep and likable. I was entertained!

I'm loving Pinkberry frozen yogurt. My goodness is it tasty- and so tempting being right across the street from my house! One of their seasonal flavors right now is chocolate hazelnut, and wow it's fabulous! I've had it twice this week already. My only saving grace is that Pinkberry is all natural with no artificial flavors or ingredients. Not much to get excited about, but it helps when I'm feeling particularly guilty. 
I'm loving books on my Kindle fire. I am such a reluctant technology upgrader and really resisted Ereaders for the longest time. Billy has a Nook and an HP tablet, so his Kindle fire was rarely being used. That is until I decided it would be a good thing to travel with back in June, and I never gave it back! Having the Internet on an easily portable device, along with a library of book without taking up a lot of space is so convenient and I love it! I won't say I am a complete convert to electronic books at this point, as I still love physical books, but I have switched to reading the majority of my books on the Kindle. My latest read? Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn. Oh ladies, is this romance worth a read! Stacie suggested it awhile back and wow was it fun! I read it all in one day, so it was easy, but I definitely enjoyed it. It's the second book by Cherrie Lynn I've read, the first being Unleashed which predates this book. I agree with Stacie that Rock Me is better.

What are you loving this week?


  1. we have a kindle fire also and I haven't quite gotten used to the idea of reading a "book" on there..it feels weird to me still. I like putting magazines on it though!

  2. Sitting watching Hit & Run while eating a bowl of Pinkberry frozen yogurt sounds delicious. Glad to hear you're having fun.

  3. I have a Sony Reader and I wasn't sure I would like it but I use it all the time now.
    We are seriously lacking up here for frozen yogurt places - I try to get my fill in when I go anywhere that has it! Ha ha

  4. I STILL don't have a Kindle or an e-reader. I'm so behind the times. I was talking about books with a friend the other day, and she was so surprised I didn't have one.

    What else am I loving this week? The fact that for me, it's a four day work week. :)

  5. I wish we had pink berry. We have red mango which has become my OBSESSION!!!

  6. Yay yay! Glad you enjoyed the book!! I have some more recommendations whenever you want them! I seriously think I am addicted to reading these days!! Haha


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