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Truth of the matter

Ready for some stream of consciousness blogging? I decided to write like I think and speak, so you are getting a totally random, sometimes disjointed, conversation that's run through my head recently. 
Sorry if it doesn't make sense.

I don't know why it's been so hard for me to keep up with my blog lately. It's not like I have a limited supply of things to talk about, or interesting occurrences taking place in my life. I go on anti-social media kicks occasionally, and this time around it includes blogging too. I don't remember the last time I was actually up to date on my Google reader, my Twitter account, or even knowing what the latest pictures are on Instagram. It's pretty sad. I think the one thing I actually semi keep up with is Facebook. Even then, I hardly qualify scrolling through my news feed and clicking like here and there "keeping up".

I've even thought about taking a break from blogging all together. The pros and cons of that discussion {within my own head, mind you} are that I wouldn't feel guilty about not blogging for extended periods of time, and conversely, losing out on keeping up with the friendships I have built through this blog.  The latter is what keeps me coming back for more, even when I am not feeling any inkling of inspiration to blog. The fact of the matter is: You are all real people to me. Each of you who happened to choose to follow my blog, and my journey through life, is a real person who has taken an interest in me, and that is amazing. Um, come on, I have never had much thought provoking material to share, I'm not an avid picture taker, so there aren't pretty new pictures on here all the time, and I rarely post daily to keep you interested. I just don't see the appeal when I put it like that. But somehow, you have, and that's pretty cool. You make me feel kinda special, and I appreciate that, so thank YOU!

I LOVE getting comments from you guys on my posts. I swear the little girl in me does a happy dance each time I get an email letting me know I've received a new comment on whatever drivel I forced out of my head and onto the page. I wish I was better about replying to everyone, which is only made more difficult when there is a "no-reply" email address for the commenter ;) 

A lot of you I consider true friends, and awesome women whom I have truly connected with through blogging. I don't want to miss out on feeding those relationships by taking a break from the blogging world. 

I think to keep myself interested and wanting to blog, I have to create "assignments" to blog about. I don't know, how would you stay focused and interested? Do you have moments of being overwhelmed by the amount of social media in your life? Do you ever miss the simpler times before you had Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, multiple e-mail accounts, Gchat, Skype, and on, and on...? Don't get me wrong, my affinity for sharing all the personal details of my life with the Internets  has it's happy periods where all is good and I can't wait to show you what I had for dinner, tell you about my latest story, or use 160 characters to share my most profound {or silly} thought. 

Um, this isn't a very Happy Girl type of post, but it's cathartic in helping me figure out why blogging hasn't been something I want to do lately. Maybe by talking about my aversion to writing, will in fact, help me write! One can hope. 

Peace out girl scouts, crossing my fingers the next post I write is back to the Happy Girl you know and {hopefully} love. 


  1. The reason you have loyal followers is because you speak the truth and from the heart, so you're a real person too. Real people have ups and downs, overflows and droughts, and the good thing is that 'we' are here for you when you need someone, an outlet, an ear...and in turn we too understand that we might not hear from you all the time but we hope that means you're out living your life. All the best :)

  2. Its ok life gets busy.. and you can only do what you can!! Dont worry i will be here waiting for your next post.. whenever that is!


  3. WE love your posts no matter what they are about or how often you post, it should be fun to post! You are real and that's what I love most. You are relatable and just tell us about YOU. And you being HAPPY is most important!! :) It shows through in your post!!

  4. This posts sums up my feelings as of late. I have been so overwhelmed by everything in my life - life is tough sometimes! I feel like I began to not not enjoy blogging, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't share my thoughts and feelings because I oculdn't mak sense of my own I guess. To say I was on a slippery slope in my own self worth is an understatement and I began to not feel like anything I would post would be well recieved. I had a summer away, a few posts when I got back and this week I have just thrown myself back into it, feeling inspired. Maybe people don't want to read it but for me it is enjoyable once again!! I have to agree that I get a little woo woo in my head when I get comment notifications too!! haha!!!

    Good luck with getting abck into the swing of the blog world. Hopefully I will be able to stick around to see you pick up again :-)

    Good luck!
    Missy xoxo

  5. This post pretty much sums up how I feel quite often. I am so behind on Google Reader and writing my owns posts can take forever sometimes with multiple interruptions. Yet I don't want to quit. Thankfully I haven't gotten sucked into Twitter or Instagram (no iphone yet) but Facebook and blogging (both writing and reading) keeps me busy enough.

    I am constantly thinking "Oh this would make for a fun blog post" or "Let's take a picture so I can put it on the blog." I need to stop thinking about the blog and just live!!

    Don't feel bad for taking a break whether it's a day or a month.


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