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Faire Virgin

Oh loves, I got to experience something incredibly fun this past weekend {in addition to my first ever duathlon}! I visited the Renaissance Faire for the first time! 
The Northern California faire is about an hour south of San Jose, so I tagged along with some friends who were faire enthusiasts. I even came prepared in a borrowed costume so I wouldn't look so out of place. 
My friends Anne and Danielle dressed up also!
We strolled through the faire, checking out the vendors, and watching some fun shows. I was very temped to buy a metal work crown thing, but even I can't shell out $80 for a costume piece! 
Oh, and there were giant turkey legs and lots of mead and ale!! I hate to admit that I ended up eating a grilled chicken pita and a root beer float, not very authentic but tasty. 

I tried to get a picture with Queen Elizabeth, but she shunned me. Maybe she knew it was my first time to the faire, and I had to earn my photo with her? That's alright, next year! I did get a photo of the grim reaper from the Danse Macabre group, death was scary!
Danielle got her hair braided while the rest of the group watched the manly men in tights show. I was super interested to see how the faire braiders did their work, so I tagged along. I have to look up the 5 strand Dutch braid now. I just love being inspired!
Some costumed faire participants heading to the joust {totally missed that part, I was so worn out by that point}
Look, I found one of those face in holes things! 

All in all, I loved the faire and I am so happy I finally got to experience it first hand. I would love to go back again in the future, and I think I might have to get my own costume, something with short sleeves so I am not roasting like I was this time around in my heavy leather bodice and tons of fabric. 

Have you ever been to the Renaissance faire? What did you think?


  1. thats pretty cool! never been to one

  2. Whee, so much fun! Definitely want to go again next year!

  3. Haha! So cute - love the costume! ;)


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