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Happy 30th Birthday, Baby!

Happy 30th birthday to my beloved Billy! Happy golden birthday, at that!
Dear Billy, today you are 30! I know there were some phantom old age pains you experienced yesterday, and you truly think you are now old, but age is nothing but a number my love. You are still the most beautiful person I know, the most caring man, the gentlest soul, and the best comic relief I can ask for when I'm feeling down. 
Billy, you are my best friend. You make me laugh with your silly jokes and your own versions of popular songs that always turn out dirty. You also took it upon yourself to corrupt our nephew Tyler, who now says inappropriate things on demand. We still think it's funny, and so do his parents even if they don't want to admit it. 
I am so glad I found you and now get to spend the rest of my life with you! I can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays to come. Here's to 70+ more birthdays!
With all my love, laughs, and adoration,
Your Addy


  1. this was so nice.. i cried a little. lol

  2. What a sweet post :)
    It brought a smile to my face

  3. What a great post! Happy birthday to Billy :)

  4. Awe!!!! Love this. Happy birthday B!!! You guys are so cute. ;)


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