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NWM12 race photos

I checked out my Nike Women's Marathon photos today and surprised that there was actually a few I liked! I certainly don't look amazing in all of them, but the few I screen shot below are decent, and I think I might order a few! Sorry for the blurry nature of most of them, the thumbnails on the website were tiny and I couldn't enlarge them before I copied them :(

If you run races, do you usually like your race photos? Do you buy them ever?


  1. LOVE that tank color and you look so athletic...and smiling!!

  2. Love your pics!! I just ran my first Half a few days ago. My hubby took a ton of pics from the sidelines and I look ridiculous in Every. Single. One. Lol! :-) jenn

  3. That first picture is great... love the little wave :)

  4. I've never bought any race pictures....only because all of mine has been so crappy!


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