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Vegas Vacay #2 {long post!}

You all remember how excited I was to be going back to Las Vegas with Billy in September? Well, it's October and I still haven't recapped that trip yet! 
This was the first time Billy and I had gone to Las Vegas without a group of friends. We weren't sure what to expect, but knew it would be different.
We arrived on September 11, which was a weird day to fly, but we made it safely. We checked into our hotel, the Monte Carlo, grabbed slushie drinks, and then headed over to Mandalay Bay to grab lunch at the Burger Bar. We stopped by the Statue of Liberty statue outside of New York New York and I snapped this photo that was super fitting for the day. 
While we were waiting for our table at the Burger Bar, the skies above the desert opened up and began to pour. And it continued in a steady down pour for 3 hours. 
Last year when I was in Vegas it rained, but it was 10 minute storms at most, and nothing like this. It actually flooded in several areas around the strip, making it hard to taxis, cars and pedestrians alike to get around. We napped and read at the hotel, then headed to Diablo's for dinner, I got tipsy off of one drink, we grabbed cupcakes from the Cupcakery and retired early.
Wednesday we slept in, woke to a super nice day, then headed to the Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan. It was by far the best buffet I've been to in Vegas, I highly recommend. Especially the desserts...mmmmm!
We got tickets to see two different shows that evening. Our first show was at Caesar's, so we headed down there for dinner at Serendipity 3. We saw Absinthe, which was hilarious, raunchy as all get out, and had some really fun circus type acts. The best part? They encouraged picture taking! That's unheard of in Vegas!!
Crazy balancing act and a group of strong men
The Gazillionaire and Penny Pibbets, the emcees of the evening, were a comic duo with quite dirty humor. Oh and there was a lot of talk about unicorn penis, and sex. Those old people in front of Penny were NOT happy about the adult nature of the comedy. I thought it was ridiculously funny and my cheeks were sore from laughing after.
Angel Porrino of Holly's World on E! did a tap dancing number...in pasties...in a weather balloon. It was pretty cool!
More crazy strong men
A keg stand. Balanced between two dudes shoulders. On a high wire. Blew my mind.

We headed over to the Luxor to catch our second show, Fantasy. We chatted with our seat mates, one of whom was from Ireland, and the others were a cute couple from Toronto. Turned out to be a very global crowd. At one point, the emcee came into the audience and asked different members to sing a part of her song, but everyone had trouble. Each time she asked where they were from, they said a different country! Japan, Germany, UK, Russia, it was pretty funny! The girls in the show were really great dancers, I was in awe because I absolutely cannot dance. When I mentioned this to Billy afterward, he said "they danced?" I think someone was distracted by the boobies ;) We each picked a favorite girl from the show. I liked a super cute blonde, Billy went for the Megan Fox look-a-like. Funny how he and I have completely different ideas of what we think are beautiful women. Fun fact, I am not Billy's "type" at all. Before me, he was attracted to brunettes with large ta-tas. I, however, am white bread American, blonde, and am lacking in the ta-ta department haha! Our show finished up around midnight, so we headed to bed.

Thursday was another sleep in day, with the luxury of room service breakfast! We headed to the north end of the strip to check out the Venetian shops, and visited Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum. It's not worth the $25 admission, but it ate up some time and we got fun pics.
Gelato, mmm! Matthew Mcconaughey, mmm!
Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts are my BFFs.
Jenna Jamison and Hugh Hefner, the sin room ;)
The Iceman, Chuck Liddel! We are huge UFC and MMA fans.
One ball and a six pack. 
Kathy Griffin and Celine Dion
Oprah Winfrey, JFK and Jackie
Miss Marilyn Monroe

We met up with our friend Stephanie for dinner at the Sugar Factory, enjoying some amazing {tasty and strong!} drinks. We decided to meet up with her again later that evening, but after a nap! Stephy's brother and his wife were in town, so we met up with them, along with Stephy's friend Jeremiah and his boyfriend, to hang out...until 2am! We were quite tired the next day, and very ready to go home. Our flight didn't leave until 6pm on Friday, so we walked around Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood for hours to kill time. Fun was had at the Las Vegas fight shop for sure.
Chael Sonnen and Ronda Rousey shirts
I have just a huge tiny crush on Georges St. Pierre

Valuable life lesson learned: 2 nights/3 days in Vegas is plenty. 3 nights/4 days is only good if you leave early in the day :) 

I think I finally have my Vegas fix for awhile. No desire to head back there, at least until next year! 


  1. such an awesome time.. i hope my next vegas trip i get to do more!

  2. Looks like you and Billy had a blast on your trip! I haven't been to Vegas in a couple years, but I think I've had my fill considering I am not a big drinker/party person.


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