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What I'm loving Wednesday

This week I am loving down time. It's been busy, but I've definitely had more down time than on the go time, and I needed it. 

I'm loving sleeping in. I hate going to bed and getting up early. I fight sleep, even though I love it. My mom says I've done this my whole life, and I've never been a morning person. So while I've stayed up far too late recently, I've been sleeping later also :)

I'm loving taking a few days off running, and having no return scheduled. Oh, I'll run again, but it's nice to not have something to train for, or have the necessity of running ruin a perfectly good morning to sleep in next to my Billy, with a Sadie and the kitties curled up with us.

I'm loving Francesca's Collection boutique. My local mall has a store, and I came out of there last week with 4 new blouses {buy one get one 50% off FTW!!}, a gorgeous necklace, and a new gay BFF in Andrew, the boutique manager. He was so much fun I gave him my business card, and I hope he contacts me! I'm loving feeling so stylish wearing my new clothes!

I'm loving my new Aldo black boots! Yes, I finally found a pair I love!! Candlish is the model name  and they come in dark brown and Cognac also if you're interested.

What are you loving today?

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  1. I fell in LOVE with Francesca's when I discovered the one in Los Gatos two years ago...I almost died when they started opening up everywhere. That place is the best!


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