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You're the beautiful one

Here's a little much needed perspective for your Friday! 

This weekend I have a wedding in Pebble Beach to work, Jell-o shots to make, Butterbeer and Despicable Me Minion cupcakes to bake and decorate, salon clients Saturday-Monday, special makeup and hair for friends Saturday afternoon before a fabulous Halloween party that evening and general good times to be had on schedule. I'll be a busy, happy girl this weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of fun and festivities! I can't wait to post photos of my rad costume and the party!


  1. Oh Marilyn, I wish more people thought that way now, we need a modern day muse :)
    Sounds like a great weekend planned. I have a wedding this weekend as well and getting my makeup done for it, I love getting dressed up and girly x

  2. Thanks Adrian, this is much needed. By the way, even the size 0s can feel ugly when they have no meat on them.
    Can't wait to see your Halloween pics!


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