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Three Things Thursday

Oh Thursday, you mean we are ever so close to the {traditional} weekend! Thank you so much for weighing in on the dress options yesterday. Can you believe I can't count and totally missed dress #5, sipping from 4 to 6? Hah! 

Now, on to Three Things Thursday!

1. I love me some TV. I just finished season 3 of Downton Abbey, and I am already sad it's over. I can't wait till the Christmas episode airs. The glitz, the glamour, the drama! There are a lot of changes that happen this season, people, get ready. Also, Gosip Girl season 5. OMG upper east siders, so much tumult! I was never into soap operas, but this is a glorified teeny bopper soap.
2. I am unspeakably lazy. I ran on Monday, then met with a trainer at the gym that evening. Other than that? Nada. Some of my lack of motivation may be due to the weather and going to bed too late, but I am the true culprit. I've set my alarm a few times this week to get up and run, go to hot yoga, or hit the gym, and each time I've snoozed and said eff it. The couch, hanging with Billy, or just being a sloth has been more appealing. Let's not even start on my diet. Anyone else ever struggle like this? What helps you out of it?
3. I am enjoying the recipes I planned for this week. I made the lasagna rollups on Monday, and the shredded pork taquitos on Tuesday. We had leftovers on Wednesday, and I am making man pleasing chicken tonight, and have Mexican lasagna set for tomorrow. I'm hoping that by having plans for dinner and actually seeing them through will segue into choosing healthy options. As for the salads for lunch and protein puddings for breakfast I prepared? Haven't touched them. Sigh. Two steps forward, one step back. 

What are you three things today?


Picking a dress

Hello my dears! Hope your hump day is treating you well. 

I have a fun post for you today, I want you to help me chose a birthday dress for my tea party! So far the dresses below are my 6 favorites from ModCloth. When I stumble upon some more I love{within a reasonable price range} I will share them also.

#1 Moonrise Blingdom from modcloth
It's sweet, what can I say?
#2 Worth you taste in gold from modcloth
Can't have a golden birthday with including a gold dress, right?
#3 Art deco ball dress from modcloth
Made me think of Downton Abbey, which is my inspiration for a tea party.
#4 Tea shop server dress from modcloth
How can you not like it for a tea party when it has tea shop in the name?
#6 Sway through the soiree from modcloth, 
my favorite for sure, but I don't want to pay $100 for an afternoon dress. I know myself too well, I don't wear dresses more than once unless they are super casual.


Tasty Tuesday: dinner this week

Instead of a one recipe post for this week's Tasty Tuesday {linking up with Cassie, as usual!} I decided to do a little recipe round up and share the recipes I plan on making for dinner this week. I figured if I want to actually be motivated to make the recipes I pin, I might as well share them here and try to keep myself accountable!

Monday meatless Lasagna rollups 
Wednesday Shredded salsa verde pork used in baked taquitos
Thursday A totally Adrian-ified version of this Mexican Lasagna I found on P-Dub's site. Can you say "Mexican Rice-a-roni" instead of making my own, canned tomatoes, taco seasoning, and about a quarter of the quantity called for in total.
Friday, if I feel like cooking,  Paleo balsamic mustard chicken 

I'm pretty sure all of these recipes will give me plenty of leftovers for lunches and the weekend!

for a healthy snack I plan on trying these roasted and toasted garbanzo beans, because I've got cans for days of these things after buying a flat of them at Costco on some errant whim.

What are you making for dinner this week? I would love to swap some recipes, so post your own recipe round up and leave me a link in the comments!


Gobbled up Monday

Welcome back from Thanksgiving weekend {or your regular weekend, for those outside the US} and back to reality. Hope your pie induced hangovers have dissipated and you are no longer napping thanks to tryptophan. My Thanksgiving was wonderfully full of family, friends, food, and shopping. Oh, I braved the crowds and got myself some good deals at the outlets. Yes, I am one of those crazies who goes out late at night hoping to score some major Christmas loot. I didn't end up finding a ton, but I did get a few things from Under Armour to replace my stinky workout gear, and a pair of Nike Free's for my mom's boyfriend's son for less than $50. Yeah, try saying that relationship fast.

The weekend was like any other; I worked, did hair for a photo shoot, watched movies with my B, and saw friends. How was your weekend?

My turkey trot went well, though I was feeling majorly sore from a workout with Anne the day before. My friend Austin ran with me, so thankfully I had a buddy to brave the early morning run with. I goofed up by letting him have two GUs before the race, and then found out he had already had a Red Bull, so he was so hopped up on caffeine and I didn't have any, so I spent the race chasing him down. Billy managed to get a few good running action shots, so there is proof we earned our turkey and pie.

A few things I learned this weekend:
~eating two Thanksgiving dinners in one day never gets easier.
~a hard kettle bell workout the day before a turkey trot makes running very difficult.
~Family is wonderful. I am blessed to have pretty much all of my family in the same area and I often take it for granted.
~I've got to get my brain in gear and on board with a healthy eating plan. 
~Pie for breakfast and several snacks a day is not acceptable. 
~My birthday is in 33 days. I'd like to weigh less by then.
~I'm having a tea party for my birthday. It's the first birthday I've willingly planned in years. That's because I hate my birthday.
~I love having my Christmas tree up, decorated, and presents wrapped underneath. So what if it's fake? I've got Yankee candles and scentcicles hanging off of it to make it smell lovely.
~I've seen a lot of movies lately, my favorites were Pitch Perfect and Red Dawn, even if it scared me. Least favorite? Savages, it was so violent and sad. 
~I need a better workout schedule. One that makes me actually work out regularly.

What have you learned lately? 
Tell me all about your holiday weekend in the comments!



Happy Thanksgiving lovelies! I hope today you are surrounded by family and friends, enjoying lots of yummy food, and taking a moment to remember what you are thankful for.

Today, I am running a 10k turkey trot, hanging with my B, then heading to my mom's house for dinner #1. I am bringing along my Happy Girl pumpkin pie and a yummy salad with cranberries, pecans, and a raspberry dressing.  Once we get our fill of turkey, we head over to Billy's family for dinner #2 where we will enjoy a slightly less traditional meal including ham, and some mashed potatoes I am bringing. Who knows, I might even throw in a third home to visit and see my adoptive family the Rhodes, since they always have a lot of fun and love more guests!
I am feeling so full of blessings and love today!

I am so incredibly thankful for the love of my life, Billy. I often gush of my love for my Mr. B on this here blog, but I can always say it more. He completes me, makes me better, and lifts me up. I am so blessed by my marriage, my husband, and  the love, and even more importantly, the friendship we share.

I am thankful for my fur babies. Adopting Sadie this past year made my family complete. I can completely understand how parents fall in love with their children, and would do anything for them.  I am so that person who lets my pet lick my face, I arrange myself around her in bed so she's comfortable, and I think about her all the time. Somewhat pathetic, but I am not ashamed by my love for a cutie pie little dog.

I am thankful for my family. Sometimes they drive me crazy, but I am so grateful to have a large family who love and accept me.

I am thankful for my amazing friends, because friends are the family you get to choose. I have more girlfriends now than I ever have before, and though they are mostly in separate circles, I know I always have a friend to talk to, hag out with, and just be myself around.

I am thankful for my good health. Simple, but true.

I am thankful for a job that I love, that pays my bills and gives me a flexible schedule and constantly forces me to improve by trying new things. Thank God I don't have some horrid job I hate that makes me miserable. I get to make people pretty, be a part of celebrations, and be a "hair-apist" more often than not.

I am thankful for my location. Really though, the San Francisco Bay Area is a fantastic place to live with great weather, a ton of fun things to do, and is super diverse.

I am thankful for income that allows for some frivolous spending occasionally. I am by no means well off, but I do get by without having to worry most of the time. Really though, we all love a good shopping trip right?! While I've had my share of scary months where I am not sure how we will make it financially, more often than not I am able to go shopping or not think about how I will pay my bills. I'm hoping to begin using a budget and becoming more accountable for my income and expenses in 2013 so I can save more for a home, pay off what debt we have left, and know that even in lean months we will be fine.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving day! Tell me what you are thankful for in the comments :)


Happy birthday Cassie!

Happy 25th birthday to Cassie
Cassie and I on her wedding day in 2011 after I was finished with her hair and makeup
Cassie and I go waaaay back. I met Cassie when I was a senior and she a freshman in high school at the church we both attended. I had the awesome privilege to be in a small group with her, and then be her counselor and watch her be a small group leader once I was out of high school. This girl is amazing. She is athletic, charismatic, completely selfless, a super sweetheart, a fast and true friend, a serious Christ follower, and now a sweet wifey to her hubby Bart. 
Even though I am older than Cassie, I look up to her in so many ways. I am fascinated with her documentation of her date nights and tasty Tuesdays on her blog, I'm in awe of the grasp she has on life, heartened by how she perseveres through challenges, and I admire the ways she seeks Jesus in every aspect of her life. 

Happy birthday to you Cassie, may everything be wonderful today and always!


Oh, hello!

Whew, another week of not blogging. I am on a roll, just not the kind I would like to be on. 

I have so much to fill you in on, from the rest of my Puerto Rico vacation, to a fantastic concert I attended last month with a friend, to just the day to day goings on. 

But...I don't have the time today to go in to all of that. So you get a "hey, how are ya?" and a few cute photos to hold you over!

Yesterday I bought a little fake Christmas tree so we could have a pet safe holiday, and of course I couldn't wait to decorate it. My home now smells like mistletoe and home for Christmas Yankee candles, and my puppy girl even got into the spirit with a festive new collar. 
I made my favorite tortellini soup and have been eating it daily
My boyfriend Georges St. Pierre, MMA welterweight champion of the world, came back after a year and a half off from an injury to reclaim his title belt. It was a ridiculously nail biting event of back and forth for all five rounds. I am thrilled with the outcome and happy my Gentleman Georges is back!
Downton Abbey isn't set to hit US televisions until January, but my sister in law somehow got me a DVD of the episodes so far, and I can't wait to watch! Those Crawley girls are a handful, and I NEED to know what happens with Bates! Oh and can't forget the indomitable Dowager countess!

What are you looking forward to lately?


Puerto Rico! pt. 1

Friends, those are the spectacular views from the rooftop of the San Juan Water Beach Club Hotel in the Isla Verde beach section of Carolina, a neighboring city of San Juan. 

Oh, and where I stayed for 6 days last week. 

And thus begins the several post long recap of our epic Puerto Rican vacation :)

Billy and I flew out of San Francisco on a red eye flight Saturday night, connecting in Philadelphia, and making our way to San Juan midday Sunday. We picked up our rental car {sweet, a free upgrade to an SUV!}, and then braved the quick trip to our hotel. Ladies, I had heard horror stories of driving in PR, and for sure these stories were true. People do not use their turn signals. These crazy folks edge their cars into your lane without regard for hitting you, and you have to anticipate the moves of everyone around you. To say Billy was freaked out is an understatement. 

But oh, we were rewarded when we made it to the hotel! The beach! The super cute room! The incredibly friendly staff! Everything about our stay was wonderful. 
Right away we put our stuff in the room, then headed straight up to the rooftop bar, grabbed a super tasty pina colada and enjoyed won ton chips and a chipotle pineapple dip, along with the fabulous view. 
 Best pina colada of my life...wish I knew how to recreate it.
Joseph, the awesome bartender, took a photo for us, entertained us, gave us advice on where to eat, and waited on us too. That one little drink made my head spin a tiny bit,{and maybe the 11 hours of traveling, moving four time zones ahead, and not sleeping had something to do with it} so we headed down to  the beach for a walk. I was amazed, absolutely so, by how soft the beautiful white sand was, and how warm the ocean was. Northern California beaches are more gravely, dirty, and the ocean is so, so cold! 
We posted up on some lounge chairs and passed the time just staring at the ocean, enjoying the warm breeze, and relaxing. It. was. amazing. At one point I looked over at Billy and said "I am completely at peace, fully relaxed, and so happy to be here!" He just nodded and went back to staring at the ocean with me.
When we got hungry, we headed out to Mi Casita, a tiny little restaurant within walking distance of our hotel {no driving, woot!}. It had some more traditional dishes, so I ordered mofongo relleno pollo, which is mashed plaintans stuffed with chicken. I was totally on the fence about mofongo. The texture threw me a little, but I soldiered through. Billy and I laughed when we ate the rice and beans with dinner, because they tasted just like his mama's cooking! 
We were tuckered out, so after dinner we went back to the hotel, showered, and I was in bed at 7:30pm and asleep soon after. 

And that's how day one of our wonderful Puerto Rican adventure was spent!


Happy Monday from Puerto Rico!

The view from the rooftop bar at our hotel 

Oh dolls, I am in heaven! The sparkling Caribbean ocean, soft sandy beaches, coconut trees swaying in the warm wind, the best pina colada I've ever tasted, authentic dishes to savor, kind people with lots to say, and my amazing hubby experiencing everything with me. Basically, Puerto Rico is amazing, and I've been here less than 24 hours.

Our hotel, the San Juan Water & Beach Club, is great! It's a smaller boutique hotel that is literally right on the beach. With a name like it has, you can believe it is water themed, with fountains trickling water and blue, white and aqua colored everything. The elevators even have a water fall behind the back glass walls with blue led lights making it shimmer, quite the experience even if they are hot and muggy inside. 

Our room is white and light blue, on the smaller side, with a giant king size bed that was delightful to sleep in last night. We have partial ocean view which is great, and the whole staff have been friendly and accommodating. Traveling here was long and exhausting, so I went to bed at 8pm last night, and woke rested and ready to take on the island life before 7am. To not bother Billy with my restless self, I went for a run on the beach and managed to get in 2.8 miles on our beach during high tide, which was plenty with temperatures around 80° and high humidity.

I showered, then grabbed breakfast and brought some back for my sleeping Billy and it wasn't even 9am! Since we have lazed around, and now have plans to see Billy's family who live in San Juan.

I'm sure I'll have lots more to say and tons of pictures to post when we get home, but I wanted to stop in and say hello and wish you all a happy week!

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