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Gobbled up Monday

Welcome back from Thanksgiving weekend {or your regular weekend, for those outside the US} and back to reality. Hope your pie induced hangovers have dissipated and you are no longer napping thanks to tryptophan. My Thanksgiving was wonderfully full of family, friends, food, and shopping. Oh, I braved the crowds and got myself some good deals at the outlets. Yes, I am one of those crazies who goes out late at night hoping to score some major Christmas loot. I didn't end up finding a ton, but I did get a few things from Under Armour to replace my stinky workout gear, and a pair of Nike Free's for my mom's boyfriend's son for less than $50. Yeah, try saying that relationship fast.

The weekend was like any other; I worked, did hair for a photo shoot, watched movies with my B, and saw friends. How was your weekend?

My turkey trot went well, though I was feeling majorly sore from a workout with Anne the day before. My friend Austin ran with me, so thankfully I had a buddy to brave the early morning run with. I goofed up by letting him have two GUs before the race, and then found out he had already had a Red Bull, so he was so hopped up on caffeine and I didn't have any, so I spent the race chasing him down. Billy managed to get a few good running action shots, so there is proof we earned our turkey and pie.

A few things I learned this weekend:
~eating two Thanksgiving dinners in one day never gets easier.
~a hard kettle bell workout the day before a turkey trot makes running very difficult.
~Family is wonderful. I am blessed to have pretty much all of my family in the same area and I often take it for granted.
~I've got to get my brain in gear and on board with a healthy eating plan. 
~Pie for breakfast and several snacks a day is not acceptable. 
~My birthday is in 33 days. I'd like to weigh less by then.
~I'm having a tea party for my birthday. It's the first birthday I've willingly planned in years. That's because I hate my birthday.
~I love having my Christmas tree up, decorated, and presents wrapped underneath. So what if it's fake? I've got Yankee candles and scentcicles hanging off of it to make it smell lovely.
~I've seen a lot of movies lately, my favorites were Pitch Perfect and Red Dawn, even if it scared me. Least favorite? Savages, it was so violent and sad. 
~I need a better workout schedule. One that makes me actually work out regularly.

What have you learned lately? 
Tell me all about your holiday weekend in the comments!


  1. Oh My GOOOODDDD- I didn't even think about the trot when I turned you loose on that whiteboard. ha ha! Glad you killed it anyway!

    a. let's talk healthy eating?
    b. I was coerced into a birthday party this year
    c. thank GOD I didn't have to eat 2 dinners...

    (also - how have I not commented on your blog before?)

  2. A tea party for your birthday sounds wonderful! what a great idea.


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