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Happy birthday Cassie!

Happy 25th birthday to Cassie
Cassie and I on her wedding day in 2011 after I was finished with her hair and makeup
Cassie and I go waaaay back. I met Cassie when I was a senior and she a freshman in high school at the church we both attended. I had the awesome privilege to be in a small group with her, and then be her counselor and watch her be a small group leader once I was out of high school. This girl is amazing. She is athletic, charismatic, completely selfless, a super sweetheart, a fast and true friend, a serious Christ follower, and now a sweet wifey to her hubby Bart. 
Even though I am older than Cassie, I look up to her in so many ways. I am fascinated with her documentation of her date nights and tasty Tuesdays on her blog, I'm in awe of the grasp she has on life, heartened by how she perseveres through challenges, and I admire the ways she seeks Jesus in every aspect of her life. 

Happy birthday to you Cassie, may everything be wonderful today and always!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I feel so loved! Thank you so very much! You are the sweetest and I love how we have become closer over the past couple years. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words. You are an amazing woman and I am blessed to call you friend!


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