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Oh, hello!

Whew, another week of not blogging. I am on a roll, just not the kind I would like to be on. 

I have so much to fill you in on, from the rest of my Puerto Rico vacation, to a fantastic concert I attended last month with a friend, to just the day to day goings on. 

But...I don't have the time today to go in to all of that. So you get a "hey, how are ya?" and a few cute photos to hold you over!

Yesterday I bought a little fake Christmas tree so we could have a pet safe holiday, and of course I couldn't wait to decorate it. My home now smells like mistletoe and home for Christmas Yankee candles, and my puppy girl even got into the spirit with a festive new collar. 
I made my favorite tortellini soup and have been eating it daily
My boyfriend Georges St. Pierre, MMA welterweight champion of the world, came back after a year and a half off from an injury to reclaim his title belt. It was a ridiculously nail biting event of back and forth for all five rounds. I am thrilled with the outcome and happy my Gentleman Georges is back!
Downton Abbey isn't set to hit US televisions until January, but my sister in law somehow got me a DVD of the episodes so far, and I can't wait to watch! Those Crawley girls are a handful, and I NEED to know what happens with Bates! Oh and can't forget the indomitable Dowager countess!

What are you looking forward to lately?


  1. Your tree looks so pretty in the background there. I put mine up on the weekend, a bit early I know but I just couldnt help myself! I really need to get some lights for it though yours looks great all lit up :)

  2. OMG your little pup is just adorable!


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