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Friday's Letters

Finally getting around to a Friday's letters post, seems like it's been forever! 
Of course, gotta send some love to my homie in MI, Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds for always keeping this link alive, even with the bajillion and five things she has going on. 


Dear Anne, your training sessions are legit. You make me feel all "stick a fork in me, I'm done". Oh and I can hardly walk still. Thanks for challenging me and making me work for my sweets. For all of you who would like to get some Anne inspired fitness on in your own neck of the woods, try this kettle bell workout or this winter yoga workout to warm you up!
Dear fake Christmas tree, you are so pretty. I have always thought fake trees were kinda lame, but you have completely changed my opinion. Your fluffy branches are nothing like the pipe cleaner AstroTurf contraptions of yesteryear, and the fact that there are no needles to clean up or water to be changed {and spilled} is awesome. I am completely converted to your form of holiday spirit.
Dear hot yoga, you are hot, schwetty, and make me light headed at times, but boy is that intense workout exhilarating. I would like to practice some form of yoga at least once a week, and I am completely OK with embracing your warmth on cold, rainy days. Can you make me shed them lbs also, cuz homegirl has more than a muffin top going on right now.

Dear #runcember, I doubt I'll run every day the rest of this month, but I am planning on running more than usual. 3 days in a row this week? Unheard of for me. Here's hoping that you and yoga can whittle me down a bit.

Dear Billy, thanks for loving me no matter what. Sorry for snapping at you on Tuesday, but thank you for understanding and knowing there was more going on. Your reassuring cuddles, words, and looks are THE best. We are ridiculous, and so smitten, even now :) Love you!

Dear blog friends, you gals are the best! Thanks for sharing your love and stories with me on my ovarian cyst post from yesterday. I am so appreciative of the community that comes from blogging, and I am comforted by the love that gets poured out in times like these. You guys make me smile, give me hope, and remind me that life goes on and not everything is within my control, so thank you!

Dear friends shopping for a sweet dress to wear to a holiday party this season, I've got something special for you! After writing this post about my new tea party dress, I was contacted by Kohl's and given the chance to offer my readers a 10% off coupon code that can be used on Kohls.com in addition to their already reasonably prices and can stack with another department level discount, so check the sales section! Use code TENBLOG at checkout to receive 10% off, but do it by December 23! Here is a link directly to their dress shop to make your shopping easier :)

Dear Sadie, will I ever stop falling more in love with you puppy dog? You are my best buddy, and I  think you are so rad. Thanks for being such a good dog!  


  1. I am all for fake Xmas trees, the real ones would just die in our hot summer and constant air conditioning! Sounds like your getting into the fitness, that means you can have extra pudding on Xmas Day you know :) Have a great weekend x

  2. YAY YOU! I love my fake Christmas tree ... no mess, no cursing at tangled lights, and a little bit of last Christmas comes with it every year :) KEEP SHWETTIN' ... my fave Ashtanga Quote "Practice, Practice. All is coming."

  3. Ooo I wish I had heard of Runcember. I am a fake tree fan because it is fast and easy to put up/down. I would love a big big big real one someday though!


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