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Laly's billboard and beautiful dresses

Happy Friday loves! If it truly is the end of the world as the Mayans predicted, then thanks for being my blog friends and reading on your last day on earth. If we continue on, then a big fat HAH! to those Mayan chiselers who got a hand cramp at 12.21.2012 ;)

Hope this week went by extra fast, and you are all done with your Christmas shopping, because it's only a few days away now! I am looking forward to a busy weekend, then lots of family time for the holidays. Oh, and my birthday is in a week, and I haven't completely shut down into an "I hate my birthday" funk, so all is well! 

Not only have I been busy working at the salon, and learning about Steampunk for Lexie's photoshoot, but I've also been working with a SF based design company called LALY designs, who asked me to style hair for a billboard. 

You heard me, a freaking billboard in San Francisco

There were lots of photos taken in various dresses that Laly and other SF based designers have made, but only one got to go up on a building, and it was a shot of the gold sparkle dress
Gorgeous, right?! Here it is live on Union Street:
Another dress from this particular photoshoot was the Silk Dreams dress which is stunning
Another look for this shoot was the concha dress, which has these awesome large sequins that perfectly catch the light and bring you all of the attention! 
I was also able to provide hair for a Laly fashion show last month, where these three dresses got some more love.
I'm telling you, I am hitching my wagon to the Laly train, because this smarty pants designer/entrepreneur is going to all the right places! I can't wait to see what 2013 brings to Lara and the rest of the staff for Laly, and hopefully I work with them on more fashion shows and projects! 


  1. Gorgeous dresses! Can I convince you to come do my hair? You did an amazing job! So neat that you got to do that! Such a glamorous job!

  2. So the world did not end, and I'm glad because I didn't get to see this yesterday! If I haven't told you already, congrats on the billboard--how amazing is that??


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