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Oh Monday

Woot, Monday is here and as I only have one client at the salon today, it's like I practically have the day off! 

I have big plans for my Monday. I signed up for a hot yoga class this evening, putting a soon expiring Groupon purchase to use, and I plan to get my sweat on. It's been for-ev-er since I hit up a yoga class, and I feel it in my creaky, non-flexible body. I'm thinking hot yoga is exactly what I need to loosen up my sore muscles and help work out some hip flexor and piriformis issues running has given me. {Links are nice articles on hip flexor and piriformis}
Speaking of running, I didn't do much of that last week. The lazies hit me in a bad way. Also, the torrential rain was sort of a deterrent, making me not want to even go outside. Hibernation was a serious consideration. This week will be hit and miss for weather, so I may have to suck it up and use the dreadmill to get some mileage in, not ideal with my ADD tendencies.
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This week is actually pretty packed! I have my final Girls on the Run session, and it's the end of season party. Oh, I forgot to mention I've been coaching a GOTR team for the last 10 weeks? That's because it's been a less than stellar experience, and to say I am thrilled the season is over with is an understatement. I am sure I will get in to that in detail in another post. Let's just say I forgot how much I dislike kids, especially the kind that enjoy being contrary. How you teachers keep kids' attention for an entire school day is beyond me, you are rock stars in my world. 
I've also got some egg donor appointments, as I have just started my 5th cycle {woot woot the egg farm is back! Read herehere, and here for previous egg donor info}, hang out time with my bestie Tiffany, a babysitting gig, and lots of baking, including cream cheese pull-a-part bread for a birthday party, cupcakes for the aforementioned end of season party, and some Christmas goodies with my mom and sister. I have a training session with Anne, which means I will get my booty kicked, and I hope to try out a TRX class for the first time, putting another Groupon to use! 
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I am hoping that a busy week means I will eat better and stick to a plan to get back on the healthy wagon. Wish me luck!

How was your weekend? Anything fun planned this week? Let me know if the comments, I love hearing  from you all!


  1. I was just thinking this past weekend about trying yoga...my hip flexors get sooo sore when I run! Can't wait to hear how it goes! :-) jenn


  2. You are so amazing for donating your eggs. So selfless.

  3. I swear I had no idea you were coaching GOTR. *bad blog friend, Megan* I am interested to hear more about your experience in another post. Hope yoga helps your hip flexor issues!

  4. That first picture was showing up on my readers feed. But it was pretty small the first time I looked at it. I had no clue what I was looking at haha
    Holy packed week! Lots of good stuff going on lately for you :)

  5. Oh man, I know I commented a few days ago! Anyway, basically I was supporting you in your laziness, as mine lasted at least a month. I've been wondering about GOTR, but that is definitely a difficult age to work with, and after spending my day with 2 year olds I'm not sure I'd have any patience to spare...

  6. I've coached GOTR group this season too! I was so pumped to do it, and I also have had a disappointing experience. I am an assistant coach, and as a Classroom Teacher and classroom management isn't something I struggle with, but since my head coach is EXTREMELY lenient the girls are out of control and I always feel like the party pooper trying to get them on task and focused. :( I have pretty much decided I don't want to do it in the Spring, but I feel sad. I think I would like it more had I been at my own school where I work and I was head coach. :(


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