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Spoiled. Yup, that about describes me this holiday and birthday week. 

Not only did I bring in an impressive haul for Christmas {thanks in part to an awesome Amazon wish list that I shared so well, and my maneuvering to do most of my own Christmas shopping} but I also managed to be a very spoiled princess on my birthday as well. 

My mom came out a clear winner in spoiling her eldest daughter this year. For Christmas, she championed my Amazon list and managed to wrangle other family members into purchasing off of it, too, so I ended up with all sorts of lovely gifts I picked myself. 

Then -oh yes, there's a then- she managed to save an extra special surprise for my birthday. She once again consulted the Amazon list and got me a beautiful aquamarine Victorian style ring I've wanted forever but haven't felt justified in buying for myself. I even managed to wait until the 27th {a day short of my birthday} to open her cute little birthday paper wrapped gift. Wrapping my birthday presents in Christmas paper was a huge pet peeve for me growing up, and my momma knows how I feel about being a Christmas baby. 
Um, love!!

Billy made sure my whole birthday was pretty wonderful. He let me sleep in, then we had a late breakfast and lazed around before making plans for the day. We headed to the theater to see Silver Linings Playbook, which was so very good! Definitely worth seeing in theaters if you get a chance.
Billy then whisked me off to Los Gatos for a fancy pants dinner at Nick's on Main, my favorite little foodie gem. It's one of those tiny restaurants that is sort of tiny inside and can get crowded, with a menu that changes seasonally to fit with what's available locally.

The food at Nick's would turn even the most unrefined palette into a weeping mess of emotions. Billy and I first ate here a few summers ago, and were stunned. We were totally floored by the flavors and were converted to the church of gastronomy delights. This trip wasn't any different.

We started with potato and bacon soup for B, and wild mushroom risotto for me, oh sweet goodness of creamy and delicious.
Our entrees were even more wonderful. I chose the Chilean sea bass with potato gnocchi, mushrooms and butternut squash. Billy had the bone in rib eye with whipped potatoes, mushrooms and roasted Serrano chilies. We were both in heaven. I have never tried sea bass before, and was so pleasantly surprised by how buttery and mild the taste was. 
Of course there was a dessert course. It was my birthday, and a good friend insisted that I eat all the carbs. Billy had the peanut butter chocolate mousse, which was so thick and dense and ridiculously decadent. I went with a classic flourless chocolate cake, which oh my goodness was such a nice piece of birthday cake :) My mouth thanked me for this meal. Trust me, it said thank you in several languages, and then I burped the whole way home because I was so full. Oh OK, the glass of cuvee might have had something to do with the burping too. 
Annnnd I'm hungry again. 

Yup, this birthday was pretty awesome, even if I had some anti-social feelings and didn't want to actually interact with anyone other than Billy. I would consider my tiny bit of a funk as a successful birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday love! 

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  1. Yay! So glad you had such a nice birthday. Sometimes the small celebration with the mister is the best :D

    p.s. That ring is beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous ring! Sooo happy you had a great birthday! My friend with a Dec 22 birthday used to have a half- birthday celebration in June since she had the same feelings about being a Christmas baby. My running instructors birthday IS Christmas Day.

  3. Happy Birthday!! That dinner looks amazing :-)

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday! I will have to start publicizing my amazon wishlist. Maybe I can make some business cards with the URL on it, and when I get a baby shower invite I can send it out to those people. LOL

  5. Beautiful ring! Happy to hear you had such a fab birthday :-) x

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Good to see you dont miss out and just get the Xmas/Bday presents combined that would not be fair at all! I must get onto Amazon Iv only ever bought a book from there, must see what else I can score :)


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