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Steampunk and headshots of miss Lexie

Hellllooooo out there in blog-land! I'm alive, I am still keeping up with all of your lives by reading your blogs, I just can't seem to find the motivation to write my own posts these days, so they are becoming more infrequent, whoops!

I've been keeping myself busy with work at the salon, some exciting photoshoots, holiday preparations, and catching up on my rest when I can. I haven't been running as much as I would like because I have a nagging hip flexor issue that I think is starting to become a groin issue as well. My hips and pelvis HURT after running. Thanks to my girl Stacie, I was able to get 60% off of a pair of Aspaeris pivot shorts, and I am hoping those bad boys will help alleviate some of the muscle pain and hip issues after a run. Want your own pair at a steep discount? Use coupon code FROSTYRUN at checkout, it cuts the $60 price tag down to something reasonable. Maybe I should have bought more than one pair...

One of my exciting photoshoots was for my beautiful friend Lexie whom I connected with my good friend Tom for a Steampunk style photoshoot, with some pretty  head shots thrown in there as well.   

Tom is amazing. He picked up photography as a hobby a little over a year ago, and I have watched his skills skyrocket and now he is a super fantastic photographer that I want to shoot "all the things" with. 

Here are some of the gorgeous shots he captured right at sunset for the head shots, and then after dark for the steampunk looks. 

We kept Lexie very peaches and cream natural for the head shots, leaving her hair softly curled, and then built up the color intensity and up swept her hair for the steampunk looks. 
You guys, I have the prettiest friends. I kid you not, I have collected some gorgeous people to call my BFFs, and they are SO MUCH fun to play hair and makeup with. Also, these pretty people are super creative. Lexie mentioned that cute top hat her mom made {*gasp* seriously, I know, it's pretty awesome in person, and it's handmade!} and wanted to incorporate it into a steampunk styled shoot, so we scrounged up costume pieces, and wouldn't you know it, we didn't have to buy a single thing for this look. Ingenuity right there. 

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