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Tasty Tuesday dinner recipes

Holla! Not hola, but a derivative of holler just to be clear. If you are wondering why I started a Tasty Tuesday post with it, that's Cassie's favorite word, which she wrote about here
I am continuing with last week's theme of giving you a look at the recipes I have planned for dinner this week. Because let's face it, if I have dinners planned, I tend to make most of them, and without this sort of accountability, I am likely to not plan anything and resort to take out dinner, which is never good. Ready for some awesome Pinterested recipes? Here are the five I have planned for this week. No idea which days I'll make them, but that seems to work better for me, as I will inevitably push one out in favor of another at some point anyway as my schedule allows.

Bringing back the man pleasing chicken from last week, because as the name implies, it pleased my man. He was sad I only made one package of thighs, and has requested that I make more this time so he can enjoy it longer. I actually fudged the recipe a bit because I didn't have Dijon mustard, so I used part yellow mustard and part spicy brown mustard. Still super tasty. I'm buying Dijon for this week's adaptation to get the original recipe's taste.
Crock pot sesame chicken I am really hoping this chicken stays intact and doesn't shred like most crock pot meat. 
Honey sticky chicken Can't got wrong with a fast recipe for broiled sticky chicken!
Skillet lasagna because lasagna is such a great weeknight meal, and if it's light and in one pan? Even better. 
Possible crock pot cheesy veggie chowder The original recipe is a stock pot version, but commenters have left options for using the crock pot. Might be nice to come home to this bubbling away and ready to eat some cold evening!
Want to share some recipes with me for future dinners? I'd love a comment linking to your blog posts or Tasty Tuesday posts!

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