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What up friendos? Sorry I missed both Monday and Tuesday this week, I just couldn't be bothered to blog, and I didn't think about prepping anything to schedule. So it goes. 

Thought I would share a few "real" things with you, because that has gotta make me more human and less "faceless blogger on the internet". Ready?

I must admit that though I planned my dinners out for last week, I only made one recipe, and I didn't even eat any of it. It was the man pleasing chicken which I made with yellow mustard. I hate  the smell of yellow mustard, and cooked on chicken only makes it worse, so while I could tolerate it the week before, it became an unappetizing meal. This week I didn't even plan anything, so no Tasty Tuesday dinner recipes to share, whoops! 

I am messy. I stack things everywhere from the kitchen table to corners of the bedroom, and to clean up, I condense my multiple stacks into single stacks and shuffle my stuff around until it feels cleaner. I hate cleaning because I am lazy, so it only gets done when we are having company over or I have reached my limit and snap, going into a cleaning frenzy until everything is better or I wear out, whichever comes first. 

I can hardly get anything done when Billy is off work. Not his fault, I just want to spend as much time with him as possible, and it usually means sleeping in, relaxing on the couch, and shirking responsibilities. I should plan my weeks accordingly so things get done when he is working, but that takes too much foresight, and I tend to live in the now. 

I hate going to bed. Oh, I love sleeping, and I hate feeling tired when I wake up, but for some reason I have spent my life avoiding bedtime. I stay up too late, find all sorts of things I need to do instead of sleep, and then curse when the clock tells me how little sleep I will be getting. Maybe I think I'm going to miss out on something if I go to sleep early, so I just stay up. My mom says I've always been a night owl, so I guess that was ingrained. 

I prefer sweets and easy to grab packaged foods. Oh, I fight this one regularly, but it's a hard battle.  I know I can't out train a bad diet, so unless I clean up my eating I will be stuck at an uncomfortable weight. I'm pretty sure pre-planning my meals and stocking my house with easy to grab healthy things may make this easier...

I treat my dog likes she's my child. I dress her up, take countless annoying photos that I inevitably post to multiple social media outlets. I talk to her, give her kisses, and let her sleep in the bed with me. I am such a sucker. 

I absolutely love living in the Bay Area. I hate the housing market here. I think it's the only place in the US where houses are going more than asking, and have 30+ offers. I heard a rumor that the banks are holding 100k foreclosed homes and refusing to release them to the market, creating a seller's market so they can get the most for their properties. I hate the banks for this. I also can't imagine living anywhere else, so I will probably never own a home, a condo, or even a little cardboard box on a plot of land. Woe is me. 

Care to share with me what makes you more human? 


  1. I'm a sugar-holic (partially reformed, but only because I can't sleep when I have too much) and some times I HATE working out. (OK. A lot of the time.) I snap at my beloved hubby more than I mean to and I have been in 3 car accidents in the last year. All of them were my fault. Brian only knows about 2 of them.

    Also - I have come to LOVE being human!!! It's the best feeling in the world to know that your little piece of divinity is experienced 100% through your humanity :)

  2. Hello fellow automatons!


    I would sleep all day, every day, if it was remotely acceptable to do so. I /love/ sleep, whether it be a 20 minute nap or the average 9 hours I get over night. I love dreaming. I even usually love my nightmares.

    In which my dog is the most consistent actor. I love our little bunny maybe more than I should (holla, Sadie!), but I'm acutely aware that his life and doggy happiness is 50% my responsibility.

    I also need time to recharge my social batteries. I love meeting new people and seeing my friends, but if I don't get enough alone time to process what people have said, I miss out on a lot. It's a Catch 22 - if I spend less time with people, obviously I'm going to miss things. If I spend more, I can't keep up with what's happening as easily.

    I also wish dragons were real. Silly, I know, but legitimately, that would be one of my 3 genie wishes. So would the ability to sing well.

    Awesome blog post. It was fun to think about! Hugs for you both!

  3. I am completely the same with my sleep. I just need work to really start at noon every day instead of 8:30. As you know I'm a total space cadet and am constantly tripping over myself. I'm very outgoing online (very, by my standards) but am an introvert in real life. And I'm super boring. I'd rather stay in most of the time than have to go be social. And I will never ever ever ever ever stop eating chocolate. Or drinking coffee. Ever.

    There, I think that's enough of my humanoid tendencies for now :)

  4. I have to drink coffee every day or I get headaches. I love coffee because it helps me start my day but I hate my addiction to it!

    Sometimes I promise to give Tim a neck rub in exchange for washing the dishes or some other chore, and I don't follow through because I "forgot". This makes me kind of a jerk.

    I love to make desserts, and end up making something dreamy almost every week, so I give them to my coworkers to ensure I only eat one cupcake, cookie, etc. They think it is because I like them. Shhh.

  5. Also, I only just last month figured out how to blow dry my hair properly, and that makes me a dork.


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