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What I'm loving Wednesday

Well hello there, blog loves! Joining the party for WILW and letting you in on my current faves are.
1. I'm loving that I am not completely hating that my birthday is 23 days away. That would be December 28th, if you are anything like me and have trouble with simple math.
*I have a theory that I have replaced all of my math skills with useless information and pop culture references, but I was never really into numbers to begin with. I digress.*
I usually stop talking about my birthday once December hits, then get more and more reclusive and anti-social as it draws nearer. By the time my birthday rolls around, I am in an all out funk and want nothing to do with getting older, which is exactly what birthdays celebrate. Anyone else feel me on this? This year I am planning a sweet tea party at one of my favorite places, Lisa's Tea Treasures, and inviting a bunch of girlfriends to play dress up and drink tea with me. I never said I had to embrace getting older, so I am turning to the fun of my youth to celebrate another year! I have a cake picked out for my birthday, here let me show you! Isn't it perfect?!
2. I am loving little miss Sadie girl! She is such a joy, a total shadow, a snugly little thing, and the best running buddy. Her only downside it seems is her obsession with cat poop. Gross.
Here is where I would post a photo of Sadie, but it seems I have reached my max storage capacity for uploaded photos, and I don't have all my photos uploaded to a third party site right now :( Seriously Google/Blogger/Picasa, get it together. What am I supposed to do, go through my blog posts and remove all uploaded photos from the past two years to make room for new ones? Deleting folders from my Picasa account didn't have any affect on the storage issue. I do not want to buy more space, either, humph. Oops I ranted.

3. I am loving that I found a tea party dress for my birthday! And accessories! And a fascinator headband thing! Oh, and all at Kohl's of all places. Did not see that coming. Wanna see? The dress is by Speechless, black lace with a dropped waist, ribbon accent, and chiffon sort of skirt. Very 20's! The necklace is Jennifer Lopez, and looks a little like the one below, but with clear and black stones in varying lengths. Billy said it looked like bird poop when he first saw a photo of it, but recanted and said it pulled the outfit together once he saw it in person. Right. The earrings are Apt. 9, and are the same color as the necklace, so that picture should give you a better idea. Oh, and the fascinator? Totally fun! It's a headband with a little hat like thing on the side that is navy blue with black Swiss dotted netting, and has fur, feathers and gemstone adornments. Funny how I had the idea that I would end up with some sort of gold in my outfit because it's my golden birthday, but there will be none now! You can find yourself a cute party dress by checking out this link to the Kohl's dress shop. I was even contacted by Kohl's and given this rad 10% off coupon code to share with all of you, it's even stackable on one other discount! Use code TENBLOG at checkout through December 23.
4. Because I found a little headband hat thing, I am loving some pretty, vintage inspired hair inspiration to put under it! 

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