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A spot of tea and a birthday wish

Happy Wednesday lovelies! Hope all of you are having a great week and enjoying the new year! 

My birthday got stretched out over a three day period of celebration, so it is taking me several posts to tell you all about the festivities. Billy likes to think of October as his birthday month, so I think I can take a few days as my own. 

My much anticipated tea party happened on Saturday afternoon, and I was so blessed by my wonderful friends who joined me. I had some fun primping before my party, and dressed up in some of my cute birthday finds from Kohls that I told you all about in this post. And why yes, of course I wore a tiara! If I am actually celebrating my birthday, I get to wear a crown. Once I was dressed, I decided I had channeled Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's and Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey as my inspiration. I was good with that. 

Fact: it's fun to use different editing filters to change the way your crappy cell phone pics look. Also a fact: I edit out all of my under eye bags, wrinkles and blemishes anytime I get the chance, so you can't really tell I haven't been sleeping well the last week and am a little broken out, hah! It might be cheating, but when you have the tools at your disposal, you might as well use them, right?
 Lisa's Tea Treasures is a pretty wonderful little place, full of Victorian charm and girlish delights. My party of 12 was seated in our own room, with a long table decked out in tea finery. We were served Earl Grey and strawberry Darjeeling teas, and had sweet little tea sandwiches and scones to munch on while much conversation was had by all. 
Now, my guests did not all know each other, but you wouldn't have known that had you poked your head into our little tea room. I guess I collect friends everywhere I go, and thus have very wonderful friendships with awesome ladies who may not even know the others exist beyond a Facebook comment or photo I may post. I just so happen to collect quality friends, so it was no surprise that they were all sweet to each other, and I was so happy to see conversations going on up and down the table about all sorts of topics. I also have gorgeous friends. I tell you, it doesn't matter what they wear, or when you see them, my girlfriends are just pretty people inside and out. I am quite a lucky girl!
Left to right: Lexie, Nicole, Tiffany and Caroline
Michelle, Adrienne, Sarah, Diane, Anne, and Melissa
Nicole made me a beautiful cake with aqua frosting and pink butter cake inside. She even made little bows and drew my name in white chocolate to decorate the cake, and make chocolate cupcakes to round out the sugar rush. The cake was quite delicious, and I have to admit I ate two cupcakes later that night at home, oops!
 I don't think I even made a birthday wish! I was feeling so incredibly loved and was basking in the glow of being around my sweet friends, so it totally slipped my mind :)
Michelle and Adrienne, Nicole, Caroline, Lexie
Melissa, Anne, Sharon who arrived late, and Tiffany. 
I am bummed I missed out on photo ops with both Diane and Sarah before they left :( Also sad that I didn't manage to get an entire group shot!

I think celebrating my 28th birthday was a wise decision, and I am very happy I went through with the planning and didn't let my regular birthday funk keep me from the fun. 

I have a feeling 28 is going to be a very good year!


  1. So perfect! The Tiffany cake is beautiful :D

  2. You look gorgeous, sounds like everything was just perfect! I love having a theme and then running with it you can really get creative ... like that cake. Just delicious!


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