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Friday's letters

Linking up with Ashley for Friday's letters!

Dear Friday, oh hai! Dear weekend, you're going to be a busy one. Hope my energy levels can sustain me, the wedding I am booked for goes well tomorrow, and my hugely packed Sunday stays on track. Dear egg donation retrieval, I still don't know if you will be happening on Monday or Tuesday, but my pumped up ovaries and swollen tummy would like you to hurry up. Dear Billy, I am so sorry you are still not feeling well. I really hope you don't have that nasty flu that's kicking butts and taking names. Dear couch, thanks for holding up well this week with all of the sitting Mr. B and I have been doing on you. The photos above are pretty much the norm lately. Blankets, fur babies and cuddles are all plentiful and the healing that's provided is mostly in the head, but it feels nice.  

Did you write any letters today? Leave me a comment if you linked up too :)


  1. Hey Adrian,
    Just stopped by through 'I love My Letters'
    I love your Dear couch letter :) Your animals are too cute!
    I have also linked with 'Friday Letters' here's the link incase you want to see -

    Oh and I just followed you, hope to see some more animal pictures :D

  2. I absolutely LOVE the look of your blog. Not only is the title and pictures cute, but the pink background.. ah, i LOVE IT! I can't wait to read more!


  3. Hope the egg donation went well and your feeling a bit better now! A comfy couch is a must! x


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