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Not a size 0, but not my focus

Just a little food for thought on your Thursday ;)
Did you happen to notice that I didn't make any weight related goals for 2013? Sure, everything is workout oriented, but I have no goals regarding weight, or removing everything I love from my diet, because really, that's setting myself up to fail. I know myself. I realize I rely on food as a crutch, in good times and bad. I would indeed like to lose weight, eat healthier, and cut out junk, but I refuse to make that my focus. So there you go, I will love myself regardless of the numbers on the scale, the size of the spare tire around my waist, or the speed of my 5k. 

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  1. Great idea! I definitely use food during times of stress too - either by not eating at all or completely overeating. I wish I would just stop it and find a happy balance!


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