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Photobooth fun

I love me some photobooth action. 
You can get a little wild and crazy in those booths; dressing up, making silly face, mugging like a rockstar.
I always gaze longingly at the photobooths in the mall when I walk by, thinking of all the fun backgrounds, color choices, and faces that could be made in there. I keep walking because I refuse to pay five bucks for a strip of photos that I could easily create at home for free. I'm cheap.
This is probably why I am so happy that photobooths are a big wedding fad right now, and I hope they stick around. Free photos to commemorate your friends' love and marriage? Heck. yes.

One of my friends got married recently, and I was so blessed to be able to celebrate with her and the new hubby! I was extra pleased to see that there was a photobooth to play in at the reception too!

The Rhodes are my adopted family. They have 5 kids already, but Moira, the matriarch calls me her blonde daughter {she has two brunette daughters and a redhead too}. I met this lovely family when I became friends with their youngest daughter, Lexie, in high school. Lexie is one of my besties and makes appearances on the blog regularly. And she is always game to have a little fun, thus our photobooth excitement at her sister Katie's wedding! 
We started off sweet and adorable, then the craziness picks up until Katie makes an appearance in the bottom frame. That led to a Rhodes' girls roll next.
From left to right: Katie the bride, Lexie the redhead, Moira the mom, Ninah the eldest, and me along the bottom.

There's something freeing and fun about photobooths. Do you happen to like them? Are you like me and make sure to get yourself in that booth for at least one roll, or are you like my Billy, who will avoid any and all photos like the plague?

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