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productivity vs. laziness

Hello dolls! Let's check in a bit, shall we?

So, there's this adage I've heard that goes a little like this: "If you need something done, ask the busiest person you know." Lemme break it down for you: Busy people get ish done, yo. 
Me? Not so much. 
In the last year I have stopped getting ish done. I know, I know, how can this been when I've had SO much more time on my hands? A year ago I quit my four year long nanny job, and consequently the seven day work weeks that came with it. For four whole years {give or take a day or week here and there} I was working Monday through Friday as an afternoon nanny, and Saturday and Sunday as a hairstylist. At the time, it was relatively easy. I made it work, even when it was hard, because that's the hand I was dealt and I was good with it. When you are young and broke you will do just about anything to keep living paycheck to paycheck, because without that hustle your paychecks just won't stretch as far. And homegirl likes to shop.

Once I left my nanny job, I picked up a third day at the salon and all of a sudden I had four days off a week. A four day weekend? That's the stuff dreams are made of. 
The majority of the time I fill at least one of those days with an on-call babysitting job, an on-location hair and makeup gig, or something else that keeps me busy. The other days? I am useless. Like lump on the couch for the most part useless. Working seven days a week I managed to blog more, exercise regularly, see friends, do laundry, and meal plan. Working three to four days a week? I sometimes don't even find an excuse to shower, let alone plan a meal, workout, or run errands. I do admit at least one day a week is productive, but that is more from my disgust with my general laziness the few days before.
Basically, I've got to get into a busier mindset in order to become more productive.  

Now, how to go about organizing my life so I can have some sort of schedule and get ish done? If you have suggestions, I would love to hear them! 

I found this cleaning schedule on Pinterest and about died. I've lived in my apartment for almost four years and there are some things on this schedule that I have never done. Seriously, steam clean grout? Clean oven? Vacuum curtains? Um, have I mentioned I really hate cleaning?
A feasible schedule for my week? Probably something like this:
Saturday: working at the salon
Sunday: working at the salon
Monday: Sometimes I can squeeze in a workout before working at the salon
{work days are anywhere from 6-12 hours, usually leaving my feet sore, my head aching, and my body tired}
Tuesday: workout, blog, hang with Billy on his day off
Wednesday: workout, meal plan for the week, blog, hang with Billy on his day off
Thursday: workout, laundry, general picking up around the house
Friday: workout, groceries and errands, make food for weekend

Right now I am not working out, I barely meal plan, I shop when we are out of staples, and my laundry can usually stretch 10 days between cycles. So the above would be my ambitious but still manageable schedule ;) I think I am going to start small and get a workout in every chance I get, and do one task around the house etc. before plopping on the couch.

So, yeah, any advice?


  1. It slightly hurts me to say this because I just love being cozy and lazy (seriously, I could spend most vacations doing nothing), but I've heard you are more productive when you fully get ready for the day. Hair, makeup, cute outfit, the whole shebang!

    Do as I say, not as I do. :)

  2. I'm in the same boat! I make out a plan/schedule but some how I need completely follow through! It's sad I know but I'm trying and I've just now managed to get down a routine of making it to two boot camps per week at my gym. I think after a year if saying I was going to attend! Lol

  3. Good luck with it I think acknowledging you want to change and planning ahead are the best steps to take which you've done. Lists definately help, I stick mine on the fridge and put a big satisfying tick through the ones achieved :)

  4. I am so the opposite! I never ever sit down, I always find stuff that needs to be done. If I sit down my mind starts racing and I get panicky that there's too much I'm not doing. I think part of it is that I know so many people depend on me to keep things moving. I really wish I had a more lay back attitude like yours and I could sit and relax once in a while. It's all about the happy medium I think.


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