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WILW Tiaras, witches, and jeans, oh my!

Hey friends! I wanted to get this written up and posted before the clock strikes midnight here on the West coast {oh hai, another unintentional late night!} so it's still Wednesday here! 

What I'm loving:
I love the Big Bang Theory. It cracks me up, like lol-ing on the couch with some major 'out loud' happening. I only discovered this gem in December, but I have done my part to catch up to season 5. Just tonight I saw an episode that had me shrieking, and yes I'll even admit, snorting, and smacking the couch because I thought it was so funny. You don't have to agree, because I often laugh at stuff no one else thinks is funny, like my own jokes, but hey I'm hilarious even if no one else agrees.

Anyway, the scene that had me dying? This one. Because I love me a tiara.
Other things I am loving?
Smart Water. Because after just two liters of the electrolyte enhanced {but containing no sodium} wonder on Sunday, my bloating was completely gone. My doctors recommend I only drink Gatorade until my post-egg retrieval bloating goes away, but I literally get get sick of the stuff, heartburn and all, and crave unflavored, unsweetened, plain water! This does the trick.

Wicked on Broadway. Wicked is playing in San Francisco and I knew I couldn't let it pass me by without seeing this raved about production. So I saw it today with Billy, and it was amazing! I really liked the story, the music, the cast, and wow was that set super cool! If you get a chance, definitely see this show, it was fantastic!

My Target purchases that are sustaining me lately. Like these super comfy lounge pants that I practically live in, these off white wedge ballet flats that make me feel classy and a little taller, and some sweet black leather flats with these cute flowers on the toes that are so comfortable you would think I was wearing my black sparkle BOBs instead. Sorry no link for those flats, I looked. 

My awesome Costco find of $25 Levi's 526 slender bootcut jeans, similar to these {526 is no longer on the Levi's site}. These jeans have a mid rise with some fancy stretch fabric that seriously sucks in the tummy area, has a beautiful dark wash, great flap pockets on the tush that make the booty look fabulous, and come in short, medium, or long lengths, with the short hitting exactly right for my shorty 5'3 self. I took a risk buying jeans without trying them on, because come on, not all jeans fit the same, and when you have a little holiday weight making your "normal" size a bit untrue, it's hard to tell. Thankfully, the size I brought home slipped on and fit like a glove. If you happen to run across these at your local Costco, give them a shot! 

What are you loving today or yesterday if you read this on Thursday?


  1. Girl, who DOESN'T love a tiara! That was hilarious! And those ballet flats are super cute :-)

  2. I saw Wicked in NYC and I loved it! :)

    I LOVE BIG BANG THEORY! It always has me cracking up. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    I'm currently loving the TV shows Elementary and Sherlock. One I'm watching on CBS; the other on Netflix.

  3. Big Bang Theory is my absolute favorite show. I could watch it on repeat 24 hours a day!!

  4. Big Bang theory is awesome! Love the flats!


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