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Friday's Letters 3.15.13


Happy Friday! Linking up with my girl Ashley over at the Sweet Season for another run at Friday's letters. Go ahead and get your letters written and link up also!

Dear Friday, hey dude, welcome back! You are bringing another 70+ degree day, and ushering in a fabulous looking weekend, or my work week as it is. I won't be able to head outdoors and enjoy the nice weekend as I will be stuck inside the salon beautifying my wonderful clients, but that's the life of a hairstylist I guess.
Dear Billy, I sort of love and hate that you have taken to pretending to not even hear me when I ask you questions you don't want to answer, like "any news about Texas?" or "can you take out the trash?". You are so clever and I can't help but laugh even when it frustrates me ;)
Dear Texas, I'm actually quite excited at the prospect of maybe calling you my new home some day, even if that is completely dependent on factors I cannot control. {no word yet on the position B applied for!} I even tried on cowboy boots while at DSW with Billy on Tuesday, and they weren't awful! I cannot, however, get behind country music just yet. It literally makes me clench my teeth most of the time and I end up turning the station as quick as possible when some twangy stuff comes one. Are there pop-country stations I can listen to instead, because that isn't so bad.
Dear story in my head, I wonder if I will ever be able to write more than character biographies or introductory chapters and actually finish one of the stories that is banging around in my head. I don't think I will ever become a writer if I can't figure out how to find the discipline and focus to write daily.
Dear Spring, welcome! I've spent more time outdoors lately, and I am loving it! The 70+ degree weather is really making me happy, even if I did get a sunburn on my hike yesterday. Hello again, perma-racer back tank tan lines!
Dear BODYPUMP, I would say that my attending two classes this week means you are an instant success in my book. Anyone else ever taken a Les Mills BODYPUMP class before? It's a fabulous  full body workout, and it hurts so good.
Dear Google Reader, what's this I hear about you shutting down? I depend on you to read blogs on my phone. You must have forgotten how much I hate change, as this makes me unhappy. Thankfully I have blog lovin' and will be able to use that.
Dear light bulbs, how many of you have to die at the same time in my house? I currently count 5, and it's getting pretty dark. I guess light bulbs are on my shopping list today ;)

Happy Friday friends! Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I added your blog to Bloglovin. I guess I'm moving again.. First it was from blogger to Reader.. now it's Reader to Bloglovin.
    I LOVE BodyPump! I go on Mondays and Wednesdays. I don't know if your gym does all the Les Mills' classes, but I really NEED to do some CX classes!

  2. I wish we had all these great classes I hear about up here! Sadly for some reason we don't have things like Les Mills BODYPUMP and considering we only have one Barre studio I don't think we will catch up anytime soon Ha ha
    Hopefully you get news on Texas soon.


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