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Friday's letters 3.22.13

Hellllo Friday! 


Setting up the weekend by linking up with Ashley for Friday's letters! 

Dear Friday, Welcome back, homie! You are filled with some extra fun girlfriend shenanigans, and I am very much looking forward to it. Yoga with Caroline this AM, then wedding dress shopping with Danielle for Anne's fake wedding {she was married years ago, but never had the chance to try on dresses} this afternoon! 
Dear weekend, go easy on me, will ya? The first official wedding of the season is on Sunday, and it kicks off about 6 months straight of busy-busy-busy for me. 
Dear Billy, your cute face just makes my day. It kinda swells my heart every morning when you leave for work and tell me you wish you could just hang out with me instead. Thanks for making those benefits for us and putting up with retail woes for me :)
Dear Texas, over the last few months my tune has changed from being hesitant about the idea of moving, to actually being enthusiastic about the possibility. I've kicked back a bit this last week on dream house hunting and planning my future Texas life to get some perspective. It would be such a change, {understatement of the year, right there} but I can actually appreciate that change now.  
Dear Costco, the letter you sent Billy saying you received his transfer packet and will be contacted "soon" was such a tease. I really wished you had said "hey, we love you and can't wait to have you on our team!" Another few weeks of waiting it is.
Write your letters and link up with Ashley too! 
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead, see you on the other side of it when my "work weekend" is over ;)


  1. Looks like some exciting things are on your horizon :)

  2. The idea of fake wedding dress shopping sounds fun! I would even like to just try on dresses again (and I got to the first time)
    Have a great weekend

  3. That sounds exciting! Good luck with your possible move! And have fun fake dress shopping! ;)

  4. Moving in my book is always no fun at all! I don't mind the packing it's the unpacking that gets me. Also hopefully he'll get a letter soon saying "welcome to the team"!


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