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Friday's letters 3.8.13


I am getting my act together and finally linking up with Ashley over at the Sweet Season for today's letters. It's been awhile. Grab yourself a bevy and read some letters, then write your own and let me know!

Dear Billy, you are an amazing husband, and I really appreciate that you are also my very best friend. I mean, who else could possibly stand to put up with my incessant housing market pursuing where I constantly show you all of the houses I want in Sugar Land, or the never ending questions I have regarding your possible transfer, when you obviously have no clue? That's right, only you my handsome man. Thanks for having patience and for humoring me when you can. 
Dear running, why are you sucking so much lately? Seriously, I hate you right now. I am *this close* to kicking you to the curb in favor of cycling, yoga, or DVD workouts. The time apart may do our relationship wonders, even though my previous 5 week break seemed to only make it worse. I want to actually start liking you again, but you are killing me with the shin, calf and achilles pain that two new pairs of shoes aren't curing. Get it together, or you're out of here.
Dear Asics, why the heck did you discontinue my FAVORITE shoe ever?! I blame you, Asics, for ruining my relationship with running. The Landreth is a wonderful, soft, neutral shoe that has served me well the last few years and was always there for me when I strayed to other shoes. But now it's nowhere to be found, and it's all. your. fault. 
Dear blog designers, I am seriously jealous of all of the pretty designs I have been seeing lately on so many blogs, and I am freaking envious of people who can manipulate code and pictures and designs, while I am stuck with my limited knowledge of picmonkey collaging, and stealing photos off the internet. In other words, I suck at making pretty things and I want someone to do it for me. So, who wants to do it for me?
Dear future Sugar Land Costco, um....can you hurry up and get on my time schedule please?! All I want is to know for sure whether Billy will get the optical manager position and cause us to move to Texas. So, be a doll and let us know. But let me down easy if it's a no, cuz ain't nobody got time for that. 
Dear body, I took measurements for the first time in awhile and realized I'm bigger, by a lot, and I don't like it. I was hoping that cutting out processed sugars would help, but it's been a week and I have no patience for waiting to see slow changes. Basically, I'd like to magically revert to where I was a year an a half ago, mmkay? 
Dear Pure Barre workout, holy ish are you hard. I have never felt so out of shape, not athletic, and inflexible as when I am in your classes. You hurt so good that even though I feel like a complete moron who can't lift her leg off the ground when sitting, I'm going to finish up my Groupon anyway.
Dear no processed sugar removal, you're not as bad as I thought you would be. I am impressed with myself so far in how little I have caved, and how I have stuck to my resolve to kick processed sugar out of my life. We shall see how phase two goes, which is to not eat any products that have sugar added, rather than just avoid all sugary treats like phase one. Ketchup and Ritz crackers, I'm looking at you  added sugar weirdos.


  1. Dear Adrian: I love all your letters. :)
    I did a Pure Barre workout last week for the fist time and loved it, my legs burned so good!! :) Happy weekend friend.

  2. I've heard Pure Barre will really kick your booty! Good luck with getting your running back on track! I'm doing a 30 miles in 30 days challenge for myself on my blog and reeeeeally trying to be more active.

  3. I've never heard of Pure Barre before, but it sounds intense!

  4. I feel you on the blog designing. It is so hard to do just a small little thing.... it isn't worth the headache to me. On a happy note, I think that your blog design is adorable - great job!

    Happy Friday!

  5. So I went to one barre class six months ago, and then a million things came up (mostly my own doing) and today I went for it again. And now my thighs want to kill me.

    I hope the texas Costco lets you know soon too!

  6. Welcome to your first Fridays Letters, trust me after a good venting you'll be back each week it feels so good :)
    Dont give up on the running, sounds like your kicking butt you can do it x

  7. I love your blog design! I know what you mean though- I'm not loving my blog design right now but my knowledge is so limited, and my time is even less limited so nothing's changing for now.

    I need to look into picmonkey though.

    Asics changed my shoes too! I haven't tried the new ones yet since I was still able to buy the old version but next time I'm not going to have a choice. Sucks that they do this to us! Hope you find a good shoe so you don't have to kick running to the curb.

    Fingers crossed you find out about Billy's job soon.

    Good for you for removing processed sugar from your diet. I really need to do this since I just feel yucky all the time.

  8. A potential move to Texas?! Have you found out yet (since I know I am a few days behind in reading blogs)
    I want to try a Barre class but the studio here (we only have 1) is SO busy all the time.


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