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Spring hiking in California

I don't know about where you are at, but Spring is here in California! A few weeks back everything  turned green and exploded into bloom, creating a riot of colors and a feeling of expectation for what's to come. While Autumn remains my favorite season, I absolutely love this time of year for the beauty it brings. The fresh and vibrant colors, the clean breezes that blow away the staleness of winter, and the warmth of the sunshine all make me a very happy girl.

Today I took a break from life and went for a hike in a nearby county park that I knew would renew my attitude {um hello, negative Nancy from Friday's letters!}, let me take a moment to reflect on the beauty all around me, and allow me to soak up the California landscapes while I can.
{with the idea in mind that a move to Texas may eventually happen}
Normally if I feel particularly inspired, I'll snap a pic with my cell phone, but today I had intentions to take photos that I could frame someday when I am missing my California home, so I brought my camera along for the ride, and I am so glad I did! Everything was beautiful! Right now there is green everywhere, but in a month or so all of that green will be golden as the temperatures warm up and the rain stops. Wildflowers were growing like crazy also, creating a kaleidoscope of colors that blended into each other like a painting. I think Sadie got annoyed with me for stopping so often to take photos, but that's OK! California poppies dotted the terrain, creating lovely pops of orange against the sage brush. The other wildflowers remain nameless to me ;)
I hit the top of the Stiles Ranch trail and had to grab my wandering puppy and make her take a photo with me. I wish the sky had been a little less hazy; I just love when it's super blue and sometimes has puffy white clouds drifting lazily across. My sweaty Betty self is showing here, sorry! That trail is particularly tough, with lots of rocky switchbacks to get up to the top. 

Sadie found lots of places to stop and rest. She's a tiny thing at just 12 pounds, and I sometimes forget that for every mile I walk, it would be so much more for her tiny legs. Even so, she is happy as a clam to keep going along and would resent me for leaving her at home because of her size.
Once we hit this stretch of trail bordered by fields of wild mustard {or canola for my Canadian friends} I smiled and grabbed that little dog of mine again for more photos! This one is my new favorite!
While taking photos we were passed by some wild turkeys! They didn't want anything to do with us, but I got a picture anyway. Gobble gobble!
We did see a bobcat lying next to a stream partially concealed by trees and bushes, but Sadie took that moment to bark at a girl taking a photo, so the bobcat left before I could get a picture. I will admit it made me nervous to see a bobcat with Sadie off leash. She is *pretty good* at coming back when I call her, but she's not completely trained or trustworthy to do as commanded around other animals. 
Sadie loved being able to stop and sniff all the smells, check out the bugs, and frolic through the grass! This photo cracked me up with her ears and tail streaming behind her and she dashed about.

All in all we covered close to 4 miles of up and down terrain, so Sadie and I both got a great workout while enjoying the beauty of this California Spring day. Sadie is now fast asleep on the couch beside me, her little feet twitching and moving, I imagine she's dreaming of her hike! 

Hope you all get a chance to enjoy the weather and the outdoors soon!


  1. Such gorgeous shots! I wish it was spring here...not even close though :(

  2. Looks so gorgeous!! Hopefully we'll get some nice weather here this weekend so I can get outside. :)


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