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Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate banana protein pancakes

Hey dolls, happy Tuesday! I am following in the footsteps of my girl Cassie for her Tasty Tuesday series {even if there's no link up, I have to give her credit!}

Today I am sharing with you a little treat I threw together last week that seriously satisfied some cravings, while keeping me completely satiated, and full for hours. Those qualities are just what you need when you are watching what you eat, especially after a run when I turn into the feed-me-everything-I-can't-stop-eating monster. 

Some back story: I am not a huge pancake lover. I know, it's so weird that I hate bacon and don't really like pancakes. There are plenty of other breakfast options that make me happy, so I usually don't even think about pancakes. Unless of course when I have to run past my neighborhood Denny's to get to my usual creek trail run spot, then all I want are pancakes. Denny's must pump food smells out into the surrounding area to entice customers or something, because last Thursday I just about stopped my run to lick a window or two. which would have been gross, and thank goodness that is NOT what I did. I kept on running, but I still had pancakes on the mind when I got home. Now, I have made protein pancakes in the past that were dry and disgusting and made me want to spit them right out, so it was tempting to just pass entirely on another attempt, but darn Denny's wouldn't allow it, so I came up with these instead! Moist, sweet, flavorful and healthy, these pancakes hit the spot and made me feel good about eating them. 

Chocolate banana protein pancakes with peanut butter
Makes 2 big pancakes
1 ripe banana
1 whole egg
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder {I use MRM 100% natural Dutch Chocolate whey protein powder}
1 tbsp natural peanut butter
about 1 tsp organic coconut oil to coat your pan
  1. Heat a small fry pan on medium heat. melt 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil in the pan, then swirl to coat. 
  2. In a bowl mash banana with a fork. Add in egg and mix thoroughly. Add in protein powder and mix until everything is incorporated. 
  3. Pour half of the batter into your heated pan, and let cook until edges are set and bubbles start to appear. Flip pancake over and cook for about a minute or until the center is cooked. 
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the rest of your batter to make your second pancake. 
  5. Spread peanut butter over your pancakes while warm and enjoy! I like to fold or roll my pancakes up and eat them like a burrito, but that's just me being hungry and not wanting to use a fork ;)
Nutritional info: 365 calories, 29g protein, 33g carbs, 14g fat, 5g fiber, 16g sugar, 9 weight watchers points plus

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