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The weddings are coming!

Weddings are here!!
Oh boy am I pumped! <--- That's what I would be saying if I weren't so freaking worn out from a long day of wedding hair and makeup, hour long drives to and from the wedding site {that I forgot to collect my travel fee for}, and another 5 hours at the salon on my regular clients! Currently, I am struggling to stay awake and focused long enough to type out this post so it's all ready to go for Monday. Please forgive me if I make little sense, have silly spelling or grammar errors, or struggle with run on sentences and general running on of the mouth. Thank God for spell check at least...
From Linh's Pt. Reyes elopement 1/5/13, my first wedding of 2013!
Sunday marked the official start to Wedding Season. This is a time of the year where my life revolves around all things wedding related, but mainly the hair and makeup that I provide for brides and their bridal parties. Engagement sessions, trial run appointments, and the actual Big Day keep me busy from late March through October with some add on weddings on either side. Seeing as  I have had already worked 5 weddings this year {including Sunday's} and have 23 more booked with another 13 on tentative hold, you can imagine what my life will be like through October. Busy.
Kristine at her trial run for a Winery wedding
Kristine on her wedding day 3/24/13
I see every bride at least twice. Once for her trial appointment where we nail down the style she would like to see, and then again on location for her wedding. Let's say I do end up working 41 weddings this year, {not unusual, as I worked 40 wedding in 2012} I will have seen brides 82 times. Now let's say a bride here or there requests a second trial, or would like a trial for her mom/maid of honor/ sister etc., and you get even more bride face time. Now let me also remind you that I have a full clientele who I see regularly at the salon for their cuts, colors, and styles, and you can imagine my little 3 day work weeks get awfully crowded. Today I was on the road by 8am, and came home around 8pm. I actually had an hour long break between my wedding and my salon clients, so today wasn't even that bad. A typical busy weekend will be weddings on Saturday and/or Sunday with salon clients booked whenever I am finished, then coming home to crash on the couch exhausted with swollen feet, burned fingers, new color stains on my clothes, and inevitable cuts on my fingers and hands from sloppy scissor handling. 
Photos from Katie's wedding 1/12/13, my 2nd wedding of 2013!
After 3 years of weddings, Billy is a pro at handling me in raging bitch mode the delicate condition a long weekend of wedding work will leave me in. He starts early the day before a wedding by folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, hand washing dishes, walking the dog, and feeding himself without me having to ask. Then on the day of, he makes my life easy by making his own breakfast and lunch for the day, staying out of my way while I am getting ready to leave, then having food readily available when I am home, taking the dog out, keeping his video games or TV quiet so as not to disturb me, and giving me a Melatonin to help me sleep. He will ask multiple times just what he can do for me, and even make suggestions to help my addled brain decide, if I even want to be given decision making authority at that point. Mainly, he reads my mood and is the best hubby ever. He learned to do this through trial and error, so don't expect your husband to automatically do any of this for you in your time of weakness. There have been many, many phone calls where I yelled unintelligibly about not wanting to have to make a decision about what to eat, I-am-starving-and-you-better-just-feed-me; times where I freak out and tell him not to ask me hard questions like how was your day; and times where I come home to immediately blow up at him for not reading my mind and doing all of the little chores around the house that now fall on me to do.

You guys, he's amazing and I can't believe he's stuck with me so long when I can be a such a heinous monster if I become overly hungry, have to get up early and work all day, when someone was mean to me, or I get my confidence shaken when someone hates their new look I just gave them. 

Love that man.

Now, I think I will show you some of the trials, engagement sessions, and wedding day photos I have taken recently! 
Rachel's trial run for a Golf club wedding {Friday 3/29! She's my next wedding}
Sabrina's trial run
Julie's trial run through
Kelly's engagement photo session hair and makeup
Claire's trial run for a wedding in the redwoods
Carrie's trial run for a SF elopement
I absolutely love my job, even when it turns my brain to a pile of mush. Happy Monday folks!


  1. They all look fabulous! And what a sweet husband you have!

  2. Beautiful work & great pictures! Also kudos to your other half for being so supportive!

  3. Just gorgeous! You are so talented lady! :)


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