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Friday's letters 4.26.13

Joining Ashley for Friday's letters!

Dear Carlos Arredondo {in the cowboy hat}, you are a hero for jumping in to help save victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Pinching shut the severed artery in Jeff Bauman's right leg helped ensure he would live. Without any medical knowledge, you did this! A follow up story can be read here
Image via Concord Monitor
Dear Costco family, thank you for taking care of your employees and fellow staff. Jeff Bauman works for Costco, and so does my hubby Billy. Billy told me yesterday that Costco employees all over the country are wanting to donate their vacation hours to Jeff, ensuring he can receive payment even when he isn't working. Right now we aren't sure if all of the donated hours are going into one big pool to help everyone affected by the bombings, or just Jeff, but if everyone who works for Costco donated one hour, there would be something like 50+ years of vacation donated, and that is crazy awesome! 

Dear half marathon training week 1, I got this! I am loving being active 5 days in a row, and the energy I get from the workouts. We shall see in a few weeks time how I feel about longer runs, but I am feeling great right now. 

Dear Billy, I love you. Thanks for making me laugh and being such a good friend.

Dear Sadie, you are not going to be able to run with me for most of my runs from now on, and that makes me sad. I had to carry you the last half mile of our hike yesterday, which is really out of the ordinary for your hardy little ways. The heat and more frequent activity is taking it out of you, and I can't put you in the position to get heat stroke or hurt yourself. I know you hate me when I leave you at home, but it's for your own good. Mommy loves you baby dog!

Dear weekend, bring it on! A wedding, two wedding trials, salon meeting, and about 32 hours of work total in 3 days. I can do this. Pray for me!

Dear blog friends, I love you! Thanks being supportive, and for creating friendships I never would have had the chance to experience! I appreciate you so much, love reading your blogs, and enjoy staying up to date with you on social networking :) You can follow me on Twitter, IG, FB etc. by clicking the cute icons by my profile picture :)

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  1. Great letters, and wow good for Costco! Have a great weekend!


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