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Monday and My Vegas

Hey girl, heeeeey!

It's late Monday evening and I am finally home, glued to the couch and counting my battle wounds from a very busy {and profitable!} 3 days of weddings, trials, and in salon clients. 

I worked so hard this weekend that my hands are having a hard time typing. Stretching. and clenching for that matter, but nevertheless I am here to say hello and welcome in the new week.
 Being a hairstylist is a physically demanding job, yo. And let's not even start on how bad my feet hurt from standing for 3 days straight!
I love my work. 
Even the color-stained fingernails, the micro cuts on the palms of my hands that burn when I use sanitizer, and the hair in every imaginable place.  Like huurr evurwhur.

The reason I am so intent on posting tonight is because of what one of my clients filled me in on this weekend. Let me preface this by saying I hate Facebook games. I block every invite and app out there, and think they are stupid. 

Well wouldn't you know it, I ate my words and started playing a FB game today. My client knows how much I love Las Vegas, and how I enjoy going about once a year or so. She let me know that the last time she was in Vegas she found out about a new FB game called My Vegas Slots that was created by MGM Grand. All you do is hit play on the slot machines, and you win loyalty points that will get you free comps in real life Vegas, like free nights at different hotels, tickets to Thunder from Down Under, dinners, buffets, entrance to the Shark reef, etc. 

That's about all I know as of now, as my knowledge of slots is very limited. In real life, I am a black cloud of bad luck, and all I do is lose when I gamble, then bring my bad luck to other people around me, so I rarely gamble. 

But seriously, free stuff in Vegas for playing a game? Yup, I'm in. 
And I had to share with my blog friends just in case you want free stuff too. 

Good night friends, it's bed time for this tired girl! 

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