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Motley Monday

Well, hey, how are ya?! Hope this Monday is treating you well after a nice weekend. I'm at work today myself, {it's my Friday!} but figured I would greet the day with gusto. I am working on becoming a better blogger, and all that that encompasses, and the first step is to post more often! 
I made a few lyric images {one of which I misspelled something, so I can't post it until it's corrected lol!} because I can't get Fall Out Boy's new album out of my head, and found some other images that I thought were fun last night. It's my own little motley Monday around here, and that's the best kind to leave a full weekend behind with. 
Made by me, with lyrics from the Fall Out Boy song "The Phoenix"
Who else is impatiently waiting for Catching Fire to be released?!
This makes me want to ride a carousel! 
Hello, spring! 
Somebody peeked inside my mind and pulled out my favorite look ever. 
I have pants like those. I wore them Friday night and was sad that they're a little too tight. I need the rest of this though, like pronto.
Or more accurately for me, loose enough to not show your muffin top.

Can you tell I am totally in love with Fall Out Boy's new album Save Rock and Roll? It's out today, so go snap up a copy! You will love it, I swear, the whole album is the perfect workout music, will be a great summer soundtrack, and is perfectly scream singable in the car.

As a few of you have noticed, and kindly complemented, I had a blog face lift a few weeks back! This beautiful design was made by Kristen of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot designs and I am so smitten! She listened so well, made the adjustments I asked for, and created a gorgeous place that has inspired me to blog more, which was exactly the point! I am so happy with the way my blog is looking, I thought I would give it another present and buy my own domain! Now here is where I need your input, as my brain is a little fried and my first choices were already registered: Which do you think is easier to remember, better suited to my blog, and would be a good transition?
Obviously, the latter is the same as my current blog url, minus the blogspot bit. 
My first choice would be happygirl.com, and 2nd choice happygirlblog.com but there are evil Internet trolls out there sitting on my coveted domain names and not using them! First world problems right there. 

So please comment and weigh in to help me decide! 

In other better blogging news, I have purchased a tripod for my camera and am looking into studio lighting to help me film some hair tutorials to share. Now don't get too excited, there is nothing to share just yet, but I am hoping to have something for you within a month or so, and hopefully that makes you happy :)

Now go enjoy your Monday!


  1. Very pretty new look! I think thehappygirlblog.com is easier to remember/type/etc and closer to what you would have picked if they were available :)

  2. I too am anxiously awaiting the Catching Fire movie! And I think thehappygirlblog.com is the better of those two options.

  3. Lol Catching Fire movie. So true. I like the second URL option best but I'm pretty much in the minority. I just think that if your blog title is one thing, then your URL should match, just to make it easier for people to find you...

  4. Love the new look!! I've been thinking about giving my blog a makeover.

    I like the happygirlsareprettygirls domain but the other one is shorter.

    I want a pair of mint pants! I love the look of button up shirts but they are too high maintenance for me! I hate ironing and I find fitted shirts look better on me but too fitted and the buttons gap. Just too much work!

    Can't wait for Catching Fire! I hope you dress up again for the premier!

  5. Ok, first of all, I can't wait for those hair tutorials...so fun! Second, I think I like thehappygirlblog.com...buuuut I do still love the title of your blog, happygirlsareprettygirls.com so I would love that one too. I don't know. I'm of no help apparently.

    Good luck! You inspire me. :)

  6. Your clothes should be tight enough to show your a woman. ..that is not Marilyn Monroe quote. Edith Head said that. Dunno why is so widely misquoted but setting the record straight for Edith s sake!


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