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Sweet babies

I have had a lot of sweet little babies in my life recently, and I need to share them! 
Now, don't  get me wrong, I love real babies, but these sweet babies are of the furry variety ;) So hopefully this cuteness will help get you through your Thursday!

Last week I watched a friend's puppy, Nugget. He's still a young guy, so he had lots of energy and loved chasing and playing with Sadie. I took the pups to the dog park, let them play tug-o-war, and even dressed them up. I think I was more entertained than they were!
My friend Danielle recently got a new puppy, a little fluffy and adorable Maltese named Ludo and I am in love. Who knew such cuteness existed? I think I need to steal him away and make him mine.
My sweet Hemi cat was being extra loving the other night and let me get some quick pics. He likes to chill on the bathroom sink and drink out of the faucet, and will meow for us to turn the water on, but I make him give me kisses when he's being really demanding. Sadie even got in on the action.
And let me tell you, I only edited one of the bathroom pictures, which is a change from my usual lighting, color, and editing out of my under eye bags. I recently switched out my regular compact florescent bulbs for the GE Reveal CFL bulbs, and they have made my bathroom lighting way better.  If you are like me and enjoy taking bathroom selfies with your cell phone, than these bulbs will help ya out ;)


  1. Aw they do look super sweet! And you look fantastic, I may need those bulbs (although my under eye circles will still need tons of help!)..

  2. what cuties! i just love puppy pics. new follower dear!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com


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