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Monday recommendations

Happy day after Drinko Cinco de Mayo! Hopefully you are not nursing a tequila hangover and are happily saluting a brand new week on this lovely Monday :) No fun Cinco plans were had on my part, I was busily working from 8:30am-7pm at the salon, but I did hear all sorts of celebrating going on at the awesome Mexican restaurant, El Guapos, next door. Drunk people are funny, dude. They're also loud. Anyway... 
Hope your weekend was fantastic and Monday is treating you well.

Today, I wanted to talk about something that is going on in my life. Something that is relatively new, and is taking over. 

I'm talking about Amazon one click buying of $.99 Kindle books! 
You didn't think something was up, did you? 

Thanks to other bloggers, particularly my friends who love reading and like sharing the giveaways they enter, I have stumbled upon some awesome book bloggers who do giveaways all the time. I've been entering every one I find like a madwoman, and if you follow me on twitter, you have probably seen my myriad posts for this and that giveaway. The giveaways are cool, but that's not where my problem lies. Those same book bloggers who offer cool giveaways for free stuff are constantly updating me on the newest Amazon markdowns for books that are $.99, and I have been buying them. 
Like all of them. 

16 books in the last month. That starts to add up, but it's not really an issue to buy $16 worth of books when in a hardback form each of those books could be $12-20. The problem is my inability to ignore these bloggers posting to Facebook about ANOTHER book that I just need to buy. It's like a compulsion. "So and so's book is now $.99!!!" their posts scream, and I immediately click through to Amazon and hit the one click purchase button. 

It's bad, you guys. I don't even read the descriptions anymore. I just know it will probably be a sexy new adult romance and I will love it. So here I am to share some of my favorites I have bought and read lately, because sharing is caring. And I can't be alone in my fevered purchasing. 

The Voice, by Jennifer Anne Davis was my first purchase made from the recommendation of a book blogger and a giveaway I entered. I was so intrigued by the snippet I read through the giveaway I decided to just buy the book for myself, and it is still $.99!

Off Sides, by Sawyer Bennett was my next purchase and I really loved this one! It's currently $2.99, but I would still buy it.

Give me Something, by Elizabeth Lee was a pretty decent read with an interesting premise, but wasn't amazing in my mind. I did like some of the writing catches though, so it's worth a shot, and still just $.99!

Real, by Katy Evans. OMG you guys will LOVE Remy! This alpha male fighter is ridiculous. And feral enough he likes to lick. Weird, but read it and find out what I mean. I liked the strong female lead, Brooke, and enjoyed reading her story as much as the love story that develops throughout. Now it's $3.99, but absolutely worth it.

If you want a little witchy supernatural action with a fantastic heroine, pick up Escaped by Rachel Robinson for only $3.99! Rachel is a blog friend of mine who is really on a roll with her writing. Escaped is the first in a trilogy I believe, and I know she has more stories on the way. 

Lover at Last, a Black Dagger Brotherhood series book by J.R. Ward $14.99. I gladly bought this awesome book and read it with relish, because I love the BDB series! Quinn's story breaks my heart, and finally seeing his and Blay's story come together was awesome! Male-male sex scenes in this one, just fyi in case that freaks you out. The rest of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is typical male-female love stories though.

Books I have bought, but haven't read yet: 
Rock the Heart Michelle A. Valentine $.99
Rock the Band Michelle A Valentine $.99
Billionaire Novelist Mimi Strong 4 book series $3.99
Scrap Metal Harper Fox free!
Deceived Eve Carter free!
Beauty from Pain Georgia Cates $3.99
Take me as I am Stephanie L. Williams $4.99

Happy reading my loves! 
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  1. Dude. I thought I was alone. I do the same thing!

    Ok just kidding, I have another friend that does this too. Over 100 purchased books on my kindle and I have nothing to read lol. Dang too easy 1 click buying!

  2. Looks like somebody has an addiction! Could be way worse though. Enjoy those books! I have had a really hard time reading lately. Every time I go to read, my Kobo is dead. I think I need to pick it up more often! Less internet, more Kobo!

  3. At that price I would be filling up my bookcase as well! Happy reading :)


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