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Where did the week go

Wait, what day is it, and how did the week fly by so quickly? I feel like I was just writing my Monday post, and here it is Thursday evening and I've skipped a bunch of days. 

Guess it was just one of those weeks, ya feel me? 

Any who, we can all be thankful that it is, indeed, almost Friday, and the weekend is here! I've had something planned every day this week, whether is was the salon, babysitting jobs, hair and makeup for a San Francisco elopement, or massive errands to run that took me out of bed early in the morning. So it's safe to say I took Friday off of everything for myself. I turned down two babysitting jobs and made no plans so I can sleep in, get a run in, and then have a nice leisurely day ending with a BBQ dinner out with Billy. I just need a "me" day with all of the craziness.

Other than generally being very busy, I have nothing too exciting to report on, so I will keep this short and sweet, and wish you all a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. Glad things are going well for you, if a bit busy. Have a great weekend!


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