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So behind

Hey friendos!

I am so out of practice and behind when it comes to blogging. I thought I was back a few weeks ago, but that was so not true, hah! I am still working on other writing projects, with a my novel being read by a few "betas" right now, then onto another revision and see where I am at. I am also working on novel #2, which is a LOT harder than the first, because the narrator and I are quite different, and she's just a tough cookie to write from. 

I feel a little bad that I have been so negligent with the blog, and with keeping up with my faves out  there in blogland, but not too much. Maybe that's the problem? I do miss you all so much, and not having a good reader app on my phone has made it hard to keep up. I have since downloaded a better reader, and can't wait to see what all my bloggy friends are doing. 

As for life, it's been busy! I worked my 17th wedding of the year this past Saturday, and still have up to 33 more {23 booked, 10 still tentative} to go. You can bet pretty much every weekend there is at least one wedding, and usually a trial or three as well. I have been cranking out the miles for half marathon training, with the race being a month away now, and also putting in lots of time on my bikes. I did a 30 mile road bike ride last week and thought I was going to die. I'll stick to my awesome mountain bike, which happens to be comfier, and I can ride on dirt and through rocks without worrying about my tires. All of this time outside has left me with some epic tan lines though. The racer back tanks I always wear mean I have incredibly tan shoulder blades and arms, but the middle of my back and torso are still winter white. Add in shorts and sock tan lines and you can imagine the silly sight I am. 

Other than that, it's just been the regular life grind :) Hope all of you are well and enjoying your summer! I will try to be a little better about posting more frequently, but I won't make any promises if I can't keep them.


  1. You're writing a novel?? How awesome!!

  2. Sad that you're not blogging as much but a novel is SO EXCITING!!

    (For some reason your images aren't loading)


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