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Combat Circuit

A few weeks ago, I attended the Northern California Fitness Expo, NorCal FitExpo, for short. My bestie Tiffany was working the MuscleEgg egg whites booth, and there were going to be Brazilian jiu jitsu matches and MMA fights going on, so I knew I had to go. I even met my long-time Twitter and Instagram friend Nate James, a pro MMA fighter who lives in my area. He had a BJJ match that I wanted to see, but the wedding I was working earlier in the day ran over so I missed it. He was super friendly and it was nice to know him in "real life" after knowing him online for so long.
While I was wandering the expo between fights, I happened across the Combat Circuit table. Nate Moore, who was Nate James's opponent from the BJJ match, runs it. 
I found out that it is a 30 minute circuit workout that incorporates MMA style moves with cardio and is housed at one of the best MMA gyms in my area, American Kickboxing Academy. AKA is the home to the UFC undisputed heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, as well as many other pro MMA fighters. I've wanted to get involved at AKA for awhile, but wasn't sure I wanted to commit to any of the expensive classes. 
Combat Circuit offers 3 classes for free, and then I found out about a Groupon for a month of unlimited classes for pretty cheap, so I figured I would give it a try.
 There are 10 different circuits that are shown on the left side of the board  above that never change, while the movement you use to activate it on the right changes every session. That picture? Me after my very first class when I realized just how tough it was.  

And now I am hooked. My second class coupled with a 10 mile run caused an unreal soreness that lasted over a whole weekend. The following week, I went to 4 classes in a row while I was supposed to be tapering for the half marathon. 

I like to think my body is a well conditioned thing that knows how to cool itself off quickly and efficiently. Or you could just say I am a sweaty mess anytime I do anything remotely physical. It sucks, but I guess it's good. I have found that the Combat Circuit classes make me sweat as much as a long run would, which is sick since the class is only 30 minutes long. 

My whole body trembles when I finish, from shaky hands to legs that don't want to move, and I love it. I think I really enjoy punching, kicking and beating stuff up, the physical exertion that is required making me feel accomplished and honestly kind of badass. 

I plan to get as many classes in before my doctors tell me I have to take a 2-3 week break for my very last egg donation cycle, which is happening right now. Hopefully after the cycle is finished, I will pony up and pay the big monies to continue my unlimited classes, because I think it's worth it :)

So that's my newest obsession right now!
How's this for trying to post more often ;)

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